Appearing Girlish While Dressing Up In A Girlish Style

Appearing Girlish While Dressing Up In A Girlish Style

People want to stay young as long as they can and they would do anything to reach it at the price that suits them. Many do not recognize that sometimes, just rethink your wardrobe and get dressed young.

While we women in their thirties, some of us are starting to see signs of aging, especially on our skin. Fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet start to appear. If we have had a child before and we have not really focused on the care of our body, we would notice a certain thickness in the middle, not to mention some gaps that are already forming here and there. Cosmetic surgery may be the solution for you to regain your youth, but sometimes, the simple act of dressing young enough cup.

Dressing up young does not mean keeping up with current fashion trends. No matter how fashionable or fashionable we are, we will all reach a certain age when certain fashion trends no longer suit us. Dressing up young is not an excuse to take out the remnants of the wardrobe we had as teenagers and put them back on again.

When we talk about "getting dressed young", it means updating our wardrobe with some items chosen to stay at the forefront of fashion and give them a little spice, but without disrupting our own style. Because that's what we should do when we reach middle age. We should start adopting a signature style instead of being aware of fashion. In more ways than one, it's the "dressing young" that we have to keep doing. Our signature style should appear in our choice of outfits, but we should continue to move forward in our choices.

Dress young with jeans

Jeans are the staples for dressing young. Unfortunately, jeans are also the most ruthless for a character thickened by age and perhaps motherhood. If your jeans do not fit, they will show every curve that needs to be hidden rather than revealed.

There is however a trick to dress young with jeans. If your build has already thickened and your waist is not as thin as before, you can look for jeans that flatter your silhouette rather than stick to the old styles you wear.

A pair of jeans with a bootleg cut will compensate for the thickness of your body and give you a voluptuous rather than lean air. Combine it with a top that drapes and flows around you and you're ready to go.

Pastels to dress young people

Maybe nothing beats more than aging by dressing in light colors. When we were younger, we had to wear darker colors like navy blue, black, brown or chocolate brown because we wanted to be taken more seriously early in our careers. In the middle age, however, we should begin to dress young people by lightening them.

You do not have to give up your dark suits for that, though. It may be enough to combine them with a pastel blouse with some ruffles. Maybe some choices and colorful accessories would do it. Be careful not to overdo it, though. You always want to look calm and competent in your corporate failures rather than sparkling and brilliant.

On casual days and weekends, however, when you can get rid of your costume, a great way to get dressed young is to wear a light fabric pastel dress, especially in the summer. Tie your hair into a ponytail and forget all-day makeup, with the exception of a bit of face powder and a lip gloss. It's the most economical and least expensive way to beat aging, and you do not even need Botox for that.

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