Online discount on designer clothing

Online discount on designer clothing

Customers easily recognize branded clothing because they spend millions of dollars on marketing. Unbranded clothing, mainly clothing with smaller labels or imported from overseas, is not recognized. But the flip side is that unbranded clothing can be bought and sold for less than designer clothing.

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So, how do you decide between selling unbranded clothing and branded clothing?

For starters, you need to know who your customers are.

Even though the following may not be politically correct, you must understand it.

Low-income customers may want designer clothes, but they can not afford it. Thus, even if they would like to have designer clothes, they will generally be content with designer clothes.

On the other hand, the wealthiest clients will only want designer clothes because they have more pressure to follow the latest styles.

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Now, the above is true in the theoretical world. But in the real world, everyone wants designer clothes.

So how, as a reseller, do you buy branded clothing at prices low enough to sell to your poorest customers?

You must buy surplus clothes from stock.

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Excess inventory consists of clothing that a department store did not sell within a specified period. A department store always wants to have new merchandise on its shelves. Anything that does not sell in a defined period of time will be exhausted.

Since the surplus is made up of brands, you have a great opportunity.

You can buy brand new clothes at a fraction of the usual wholesale price.

What is the trap?

When you buy clothes online auction, you receive a wide assortment of styles and sizes. You can not specify the number of pants or skirts or the size of this item.

So, while it may discourage some people from buying excess inventory, consider the benefits of brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy, Liz Claiborne, Ecko and Baby Phat for a fraction of the usual wholesale price.

I point out on my website,, that customers will receive an assortment of brands and styles, as well as the average selling price of the items I own.

In this way, resellers can decide the benefits of buying and selling online auction products for themselves.

Although surplus clothing may not work if you need a range of sizes for a particular item, it certainly works if you want to buy designer clothes at the lowest possible wholesale prices.

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