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All you girls, 5 '4 and under, stand up for high quality fashionable clothes! Many small women struggle to find quality, well-fitting clothes. It's only recently that designers have targeted small women with fashionable clothes.

This year, fashion is about you and your style. Fashion is a matter of trust. If you feel good in an outfit, others can not help feeling your vibrations.

In the past, small women had to be content with ordinary clothes and poorly adjusted to the usual sizes. But it's been a long time in the past. Today's small women are discovering more and more stores dedicated to meeting the needs of older women.

Small women can wear any style and look thinner and especially taller by following a few simple rules.

Avoid bold big patterns with thick fabrics. Keep prints proportional to your figure. Small frames deserve smaller impressions.

Avoid styles that attract the eye to the waist or hips. These tend to make you look rounder.

Avoid too much jewelry. Jewelry can master a small frame.

Wear light clothing during layering. Too big cash the little woman.

Avoid wearing contrasting colors such as black skirt and white top when wearing separate clothing.

Wear the same color from the head to the trailer to create a continuous flow. Pair shoes and a hose of the same color to look bigger.

If you wear boots, make sure the hem of your skirt is long enough to cover the boots. This will create a continuous line to help give a slimming effect.

Skirts should be slightly above the knee and always worn with heels. Below the knees, the short, imposed woman looks impenetrable.

Heels are a must for the visually impaired. High-heeled shoes ensure your legs look longer and leaner.

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