A fashion that flatters

The good news for many women is that it may be easier than you think to take an elegant style. This is important, as a recent study found. In fact, according to a survey conducted by a major clothing company, nearly 90% of American women said their appearance determined how they felt for themselves.

Other findings:

Most women, regardless of age, shape or size, feel that they have bodily defects.

Sixty-three percent reported that their stomach was the main problem, followed by thighs (45%), hips (34%) and hindquarters (33%).

These problems increase dramatically in women who are taller than 10.

Sixty-five percent described their attempts to control their weight as unsuccessful.

Diet and exercise are the best ways to look and feel better, but women have also turned to formal clothing, such as old-fashioned belts and other undergarments, for instant effect. One of the most effective and least expensive solutions is called the FX form.

Unlike other sportswear brands, it offers a unique collection of ready-to-wear clothing with integrated wear panels that cut the waist, hone the hips and shape the back. These unexpected bonuses come in well-fitting pants, skirts and dresses and are a valuable asset in a vast collection of swimwear. The collection also includes intimate pieces of conventional form.

The designers also offer these five slimming style tips:

1. Higher necklines support and minimize a full bust.

2. Vertical stripes, princess seams and single-neck jackets provide a slimming illusion.

3. Bootcut pants and flared skirts minimize the heaviness of the hips, thighs and back.

4. The tunic elegantly hides the hips and the back.

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