Five classic pieces that you must have in your closet

Five classic pieces that you must have in your closet

Many people ask us what clothes they should have in their closet. What are the classic pieces, which can be used for a few different seasons and associated with more trendy and seasonal pieces? We have compiled this list to help you buy more classic clothes:

  • A beautiful costume. Every woman should have a nice costume. You can wear the suit for job interviews, customer presentations and important meetings to impress your boss and your customers.

A dark suit that suits you well is a classic and an excellent investment.

  • A nice pair of pants. Everyone has a nice favorite pants. These are versatile pants that you can wear at the office, you can dress them up a bit and wear them too. They are usually dark and made from a material, so that they can last for a while.

A nice pair of pants can be worn in winter with a nice sweater and in summer with a summer blouse or a dressy top.

  • A little black dress. Every woman should have a little black dress. It is a dress in which you look and feel beautiful. This is a dress that you can use whenever there is a last-minute party or reception for which you have not had time to buy an outfit. Your little black dress will save you every time.

  • A big blazer. A big blazer is also a very versatile piece. It can be worn with pants at the office, it can dress your ordinary jeans, you can sometimes wear it with a little black dress, just in case you get cold. Sometimes a gray or dark blazer suits. Other times, it's a brighter blazer that will go with the rest of your business and add some color to the rest of your outfit.

When shopping for a blazer, consider the other items you have in your closet, as well as the fact that you will wear it for a few years.

  • A big coat. A stylish coat can go to work, you can wear it at parties, you can wear it over the little black dress for opera or theater.

Once you have the classic pieces, you can buy more cute, trendier pieces to match and wear with them. For example, shiny blouses will look great with your dark and classic suit. Take pleasure in assembling your classic pieces and matching them to the rest of your business.

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