Why I like BCBG shoes

Why I like BCBG shoes

Let's face it: I have been labeled a fanatic of shoes until I feel like a shoe, just for the public. I have a closet filled with shoes of all brands and styles, but those that receive special attention in their own storage boxes and shelves are my BCBG shoes. There is still no BCBG shoe that has not caught my attention (nor my credit card), so it's no wonder that I consider myself the biggest fan of BCBG. Yes, their clothes are fantastic, but their shoes are really divine. Consider this as my own sonnet for BCBG shoes while I count the ways I give them my undivided love:

  • Reason # 1: the style. BCBG shoes have style with a capital "S." Summer strappy sandals with thick boots for the winter, BCBG puts them all in an imaginable look. I like the fresh and trendy style of BCBG because it is halfway between trends and the classic diva. These shoes are not the news of yesterday and will certainly not disappoint you for the face of the coming season on the market of the style. Although it's not a fact I like to advertise (which girl does not want to keep changing my wardrobe each season), I have three pairs of BCBG shoes that have been around for longer than I would like to admit. . . They are my eternal favorites and I have received more complements on each pair during each season than I can remember.

  • Reason # 2: the adjustment. I am convinced that shoes are like men. Some are gorgeous headwinders that look like a million dollars but treat you horribly while others are complete. Think of BCBG shoes as your prince charming. They can woo any girl, but let their feet feel fantastic without the pinches and pains associated with high fashion shoes. In addition to having a real sole (and a soul, but it's a different story), BCBG shoes include padding and comfort features that are simply unheard of in other stylish shoe brands.

  • Reason # 3: the price. Although it took me a few years to understand that my parents were right about the money that does not grow in the trees, I'm starting to think about the budget. When it comes to choosing between eating for next month or buying that killer mini-dress, I choose to eat (well, at least most of the time), so that BCBG shoes are always within reach. That's not to say that they're cheap, even though mom said "you get what you pay for", but they're way off the economic heels sold by other designer brands.

  • Reason # 4: the choices. Ok, so this one is in my love / hate list, but the BCBG still has not offered a shoe that did not make me drool (that's why I take a handkerchief with me bright starched while shopping for shoes). Each season produces several beautiful and magnificent options that will make you completely envious of those who have enough money to indulge in the entire collection. Usually, the line "something for everyone" is extremely clichéd and usually associated with ugly things that people are trying to make marketable, but in this case it's true! Go ahead, try not to fall in love with these shoes ... I challenge you!

I could continue to do poetry on BCBG shoes all day, but I feel very eager to shop. Seriously, these shoes have everything you need and a shirt packaged in beautiful packaging (plus, these are boxes that are not as beautiful to look at).

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