How to tie a scarf

Tie sashes made of beautiful silk pieces add a touch of glamor to any dress. They are also suitable for casual and semi-formal occasions and you can try them on formal occasions with caution. Given the range of colors and fabrics, a scarf can be an often used component of your usual outfit, although its moderate use would only increase its impact on regular interactions.

A scarf was traditionally worn by women as a sign of modesty and was incorporated as a dress code in some religions. This has the effect of adding an aura and grace around the wearer's face. Today, a scarf is not limited to religious or pious uses. It's as much a fashion statement as a tie.

The different ways to tie a scarf are -

1. Place the scarf down and fold it along the diagonal to form a triangle. Continue folding the scarf to form a 2-inch band. Wrap it around like a tie and form a loose knot. This is the easiest way to tie a sling. The knot can be kept in the middle or on the sides depending on the type of blouse or top.

2. An ascot look can be obtained as follows. Spread the scarf upside down and pull it upward, holding it in the center. Now, make a little knot, and flip both ends to keep the knot underneath. Wrap the scarf and let it fall to the front of the base of your neck.

3. A very large scarf can be a shawl from shoulder to hips. To start, fold the scarf into a triangle shape. Wear it on one shoulder and let the end hang around the torso. Take both ends and tie them to the opposite hip.

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