Models in demand, it's not just the look, part 2

Models in demand, it's not just the look, part 2

Models are hired for advertising and marketing purposes. If you are considering a modeling career, keep that in mind. A model that appears with a product or clothing should look like a "realizable" goal. For example, by presenting a jersey, the model should actually look like the demographic group targeted by the client, or someone the designated demographic group might know. In addition, the model must be able to relax, even during a photo shoot, and the photo shoot is never a relaxing experience. A good model, like any good photographic subject, knows how to enter a "stress free space" once the lights are on and project an image, an aura of confidence and reasonable accessibility. The model should be sold as part of the product experience when the camera starts taking pictures.

For photo shoots, especially product demonstrations, what you are looking for is a model that fits a particular style. They must look interested and competent with the products on display, and they must look natural and relaxed. (As anyone who has taken pictures on a family outing can tell, looking natural and relaxed when a camera is off is not the easiest thing in the world to learn to do. .) So, conversely, models that can emit this natural air of relaxation are in great demand.

The last set of tips for models who want to stay in demand is professionalism. Contrary to myth, models are not divas, they turn the world around them. Models are more like cooperative professionals who come on time, inform customers of their backlog, work with customers and photographers for maximum flexibility and take the time to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. Like any professional, models depend on references from previous customers and customers. They do their homework during product demonstration sessions; they learn the product, they learn the customers who want the product and they learn to listen to what the customer asks. To get the most out of your modeling career and to remain a model in demand, you just have to keep the slogans of natural, outgoing, professional and flexible at your fingertips.

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