Simple Holiday Look - Make it Red

Simple Holiday Look - Make it Red

Dress up the tree. Dress up the house. Dress yourself. If you've ever been afraid of true passionate red lips, the holidays are the perfect time to "dive into the water and test the water". Red lips are perfect for the holidays. There is really something passionate about red lips.

You will not be out of place at this time of the year by adorning your lips with the true red color. You may be surprised at the results. Just keep a few things in mind.

First use a lip pencil and if you want the look to last the longest - do not just describe, fill the entire area of ​​the lips with a pencil before adding your favorite lipstick. Finish with a gloss for an extra special look. Your shine will be brighter than the Christmas tree.

If you highlight your look with red lips, minimize the rest of your face. Your eye makeup should not compete. Nevertheless, you can get a nice look with neutral colors that have a little shimmer.

You can quickly create a look by first cleaning your face with a cleaner / toner in one product. Apply a moisturizer (with sunscreen for the day). Apply a foundation (adapted to your complexion) using a cosmetic sponge for an even complexion. Retouch uneven skin tones with a stick. Trace or fill in the lips with the real red lip pencil, then fill with lipstick. Cover the entire eye area, from the lid to the eyebrow, from one corner to the other, with a neutral color. Add a darker neutral color to the area of ​​the lid. Use a distinct darker color on the outer edge of the eye in a lateral shape.

Part of V will line the eye above the lashes (halfway) and the other side of V should be the crease of the eyelid. Smudge this V with q-tip. Use a matching black or dark eyeliner. Use the mascara of your choice. Use a make-up brush to apply powder (tone to matched skin) to finish and keep the look Brush with light and descending blows. Brush your eyebrows up and out. Add a forehead color slightly to define. You can now add another layer of mascara if you wish. And slip on the lips if you wish.

Do not forget to add the red holiday look to your nails.

Keep your wardrobe simple when using lipstick. Do not forget that you highlight your face, no elaborate prints or fashion designs. Use accessories that draw attention to your face.

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