Selection of the perfect evening outfit

Selection of the perfect evening outfit

Women have a range of choices when selecting evening wear. It is a category of clothing that allows women to express themselves in many fanciful ways. There are few rules as to what is appropriate, so each woman can choose what best suits her style and personality. This flexibility is evident when you look at rewards. Some celebrities appeared in dresses that defied gravity while others seemed to have animals growing out of their clothes.

Making an appropriate choice in women's evening dress depends to some extent on the occasion, the level of formality required and the climate. In spring and summer, light-colored fabrics are often seen. There can be a fancy element on these dresses. Short dresses are popular for warm weather party wear, especially for outdoor events.

In autumn and winter, the general tone is more serious. Although there are still many sleeveless and strapless dresses, they tend to be more structured. Taffeta, velvet, brocade and other rich fabrics are the norm. Black is still a popular color for women's winter wear, but burgundy, deep blue, and other rich, dark colors are fabulous alternatives.

Some women even choose the tuxedo as a combination for the evening. This can be a great alternative in cold weather, although a long winter dress worn with a matching shawl or fur trim can provide the same level of comfort.

Celebrities love designer evening wear

When the actresses are interviewed while parading on the red carpet before the awards ceremony, a question always asked is: "Who designed your dress?" Designer outfits have become a necessity for these chic events, to the point where many designers lend free tailored dresses to the biggest stars.

Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Versace and more are popular with many well-known artists. But women are not the only ones who have a taste for clothes at these events. Men have also become fashionable plates and will also be asked for the source of their evening wear. Armani is well known for his high quality suits and his tuxedos have some success as well.

Imitations of the most attractive dresses seen on TV shows are usually available in stores a few weeks after the show they were first worn. These are unauthorized copies made to sell at prices that ordinary people can afford. Although a designer dress can cost $ 5,000, a copy of a department store will cost about $ 200. Unfortunately, the large bodies worn by celebrities are often more difficult to reproduce.

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