What you need to know about ballet shoes

If you have a girl, you will definitely need to buy ballet shoes. That said, many boys also choose to take ballet. When it comes to buying ballet shoes, you may have no idea what to look for. If you have danced yourself, you will have a better idea of ​​what you need. Your child's teacher can also tell you exactly what to buy. Some teachers even let you order the shoes, which is very easy for parents. However, if you are alone, you should think of these three qualities to look for when shopping for ballet shoes.

Great cut

The first thing to do is to have your child come with you. It will be very important that they try the shoes to make sure each shoe has a good fit. You will want to use tights when trying on shoes because the socks will bring a completely different fit in the shoe. Check if the shoe is snug and secure on your child's feet. It is important that the shoe offers a perfect fit. You will not want it to happen in the middle of a dance. Many ballet slippers will have a small elastic strap on the shoe that will help keep it in the right place. For children, the strap is essential. Make sure your child is dancing in the shoe to be comfortable with it. Listen to what they say and listen to their opinion.

Quality materials

When it comes to shoes, you will have to think about quality. You can pay $ 5 for the cheapest pair you can find, but you will probably have to replace it several times a year if you do. Pay a little more to get shoes that are made from quality materials. You can find leather or suede ballerinas that will last all season. Many will have a leather sole, which will help the wearer to feel the floor properly. Expert ballerinas will tell you that the way your shoe lets you feel the floor is an important part of good dance. Some shoes will be sewn by hand while others will be made in the factory. It does not really matter when it comes to a beginner in which to choose. As long as they seem durable and well assembled, they should be fine.

Flexible design

Ballet shoes must have several elements, one of which is flexible. Your ballet shoes must be flexible enough to get the best results from your dance. Although some dancers prefer a little more support, most children will need very flexible styles. You should be able to fold the shoe without damaging it in most cases. The more flexible the design, the  more comfortable   and natural the shoes are. In turn, the more natural they feel, the better the results of the dance. Beginner dancers should not buy pointe ballet shoes. Some people get a little confused if they have never danced. Trained ballerinas should only use spikes. So, make sure you look at the right design before you buy. You can ask your teacher to be sure.


When shopping, keep in mind that certain types of shoes will fit differently. Even the smallest thing can cause you to need a smaller or larger size. That's why the best thing to do is to have the dancer present while shopping for shoes. You can also order your shoes online, but be sure to check the size charts to make sure you get the right size. Many will tell you how to estimate the size according to the size of your city shoes. Some will be the same size as your street shoe, while others will tell you to order a smaller size, etc. Also be aware of any refund or exchange policies when you buy, whether you buy online or locally. You will want to be able to bring them back if they are incorrect in any way.

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