Shopping madness

Shopping madness

Should we squirt?

That's the unshared question for women, is not it? This is most likely the "secular" question of the world's fashion savvy crowd. The answer should come effortlessly; Unfortunately, we can not all allow ourselves to say yes to every pair of expensive heels that summons us or to every expensive piece that catches our eye.

What makes us lose all common sense and spend more than our bank accounts or credit cards allow? Fooling around is like a drug coming out of this black hole on a bad day. It can also serve as a reward system. "I've just had a promotion, why can not I buy these 6 Manolos that I've been desperately dribbling at Neiman for 6 months?" Sometimes everything is a matter of label, sometimes, trend, sometimes the way you are feeling. What's important is that it's fun and it's nice to splurge ... occasionally. This is where the savvy folly comes in.

Smart insanity should be considered a "good investment". These are the follies that will continue in the changing trends of the fashion world. But who can say that the gorgeous pair of pink Ugg boots with jewels or this super cute peasant skirt are not going to get us through the 21st century? For all the girls who think that every fashionable jewel and every pair of shoes will make a big comeback in 2015, we might have something to say when credit card companies decide to lower our spending limits, or even worse, hang our cards!

So the key to splurging is deliberation and opportunity. If you have thought about it and honestly, after you leave the store and come back several times, believe that you MUST have this handbag, go ahead and have a blast! Just make sure this process does not happen weekly or even monthly. And for those of you who do not have the freedom to splurge with a $ 800 bag, stores like Forever 21, Styles for Less and even the local vintage store or online clothing wholesaler will help you to discover the most popular trends: with a wink. So when you decide to take the plunge, make sure you get the most out of these expensive additions to your already fabulous wardrobe.

Good shopping!

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