Vintage Meets Modern A new classic look

The retro looks of the past are back, not just for the runway models. In the United States, fashionable women sport a multitude of styles from previous decades, but with some contemporary twists.

Try these economical tips from famous makeup artist Nick Barose. It can help you join the revolution of vintage and modern.

Makeup? Update your look by removing this invented look. Rather than using a foundation and a bronzer, limit yourself to the mineral powder and blush. Blush adds warmth to the face and accentuates the contours of the face. Add a touch of subtle color to the top edge of the cheekbones and blend to create a natural blush on the cheeks. To create a look that screams vintage glamor, try this season's popular apricot or pale pink hues.

Lighten up to brighten up-This season, less is really more. Eliminate hard shades and hard lining, and glue clear, crisp colors with subtle shimmer to instantly brighten your look. For a glamorous, googly look with instant sex appeal, apply an extra layer of mascara to the outer corners of the eyelashes. Feel ultra-chic? Swap your traditional mascara for another in dark purple or sage.

Create the Perfect Pout - Beautiful and bold, bold, vintage lip color is the easiest way to add a dramatic touch to any ensemble. For a striking effect, make sure your pearlescent whites are up to date using Crest Whitestrips Supreme, the most powerful whitening power available in the band. Sold exclusively in dental offices, these strips provide spectacular and professional results that are visible only after three days. The strips allow you to whiten at home to the desired level, with the help of your dentist.

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