What every woman should know about fashion

If you are an ordinary woman, you do not have the time to learn and do research on all the workings of fashion. With our busy lives, we simply buy what we think is beautiful and affordable. However, there are some simple rules that you can follow to stay fashionable, so to speak. These rules are:

1. Do not try to update your wardrobe at once! It is always better to try a look or a new fashion before buying the store. You may find that their appearance suits you and then you can add more coins when you can. Sometimes you will find that the look is bad for you, so adding only a few coins does not break your bank account.

2. You should never buy something that you think is too old to be worn! If you buy it, you probably will not wear it because you will not feel comfortable.

3. You should not be afraid to dress outside your normal age group! When you're 55, this does not automatically remove the mini-skirts from your wardrobe. Just because you are 22 does not mean you have to wear mini-skirts. Go with the fashion and style you look good and feel comfortable wearing.

4. Black clothes are almost always more flattering, expensive and sophisticated! Having basic black clothes is always a good idea of ​​fashion.

5. When you do not have money, do not go shopping! Buying cheap clothes simply because you have been shopping is usually a bad investment. It will not be what you really want and you probably will not wear that much.

6. Do not shop according to fashionable modes! When you have heard of a particular fashion, it will probably be over! Fashionable fashion never has a long life, so stick to fashion trends in general.

7. Get out of your clothes box for a while! If you're normally conservative, try a miniskirt or low-rise jeans to change. Not comfortable with that ... just add a fringed or glitter handbag to your collection. Everyone, no matter how fashionable, should have fun with the clothes they wear on occasion. Although you normally return to your old look, you will probably have a new approach.

8. Do not let fashion compromise your professional image! Seeing through, cleavage, ladle fashion will never do wonders for your career. These modes are simply inappropriate for the world from 9h to 17h.

9. Fashion is only a small part of everything you do! If you spend a lot of time and effort on other aspects of your life, what you wear will not be what everyone will notice about you. Do not spend all your time worrying about the fashion of your wardrobe.

10. When you look at fashion, everything revolves around you! Love a look ... look great ... can afford to buy clothes ... then buy them! Fashion is as simple as that!

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