Considerations on bridal lingerie

You have seen thousands of photos, tried on dozens of dresses. But you may have forgotten some small items in your search for the perfect look for wedding day - these essential essentials that hide underneath the dress. Underwear provides the necessary foundation for your outer garment to look as it is supposed to. They can change the style of your dress and you will have to buy them before your first fitting. Read on for the truth about lingerie.


The bra is the underwear, this lingerie garment to which all others play a supporting role. You will need a good supportive bra to lift you while you walk down the aisle and keep yourself comfortable for hours of meals, dances and poses with loved ones. Many bridal shops offer decorative bras that are as creative - and almost as expensive - as the dress itself. Although some of these elegant bras have unique proportions that can be very useful with the right dress, make comfort your priority: you do not want any support or embarrassing threads that cut you off the day of your wedding. . And remember that you can slip into a fragile and provocative lingerie when you take off your dress.

Before you buy, ask about the store return policy. You will probably want to try different bras with your dress, so make sure that as long as you leave the tags, the garment is recorded for a full refund.

No matter what style you choose, avoid unrealistic expectations for your bra - or for yourself - on  your wedding‌  day. If it is too un comfortable to wear‌  five hours straight on a normal afternoon, why suffer?


While old fashioned belts have long been outmoded, you can try one of many contemporary slimming underwear that uses lycra or spandex rather than stiff stays or old whale bones.

Make sure you wear your bra, waist, socks and shoes. a body support garment will give a shape slightly different from that of sucking your gut, and changing your support on the road will affect the fit of your gown.


As for the bra and thinner, choose panties that offer comfort greater than sex appeal. (There is no way to discreetly rearrange crawling panties in a wedding dress!) If your dress has a particularly tight fit or is made of a very thin material, you may want to use a tights with underwear integrated.


If you want to wear an elegant  garter belt‌  with hooks to hold the top of your thigh, be sure to choose one that fits your waist perfectly - and does not show through your dress! Hose pressure can cause an inexpensive elastic  garter belt‌  down, which leads to crumpled knees and a night of endless attacks to hook your hose (a task almost as hard to hide as pulling the pants) .

A  garter belt‌  is a rather superfluous item, given the variety of stylish and sexy tights available. But some women feel very sexy knowing that they wear one. If you wear a garter, you will need to test it to make sure you can withstand the inconvenience.

Before your wedding, try your dress - with your underwear - under the watchful eye of a close friend. Once you are sure not to show more than what you intend to show, forget it and have fun!

Making the most of  your wedding‌  day should not depend on your lingerie, but it will certainly have an impact on your memories. Take a chance on your styles and do it differently than all the others. Make your day more special for the bride and groom with the little details that are so memorable.

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