For Men - How to Wear Boxer Briefs Properly

Tips to wear boxer briefs properly

Underwear is the most frequently worn item of your wardrobe. It is not only the most personal piece of clothes but the main element affecting your feelings and your choice of outer clothing as well.

As a combination of boxers and briefs, boxer briefs offer the best advantages of both types. They are ideal for physical and athletic activities for their great support and coverage. While boxers are suitable for loose pants, briefs are meant for tight pants and boxer briefs are for any type of outer garment.

Now let us move on with some tips on how to wear boxer briefs properly:

#1. What outer clothing goes with boxer briefs?

As we have mentioned above, boxer briefs offer great coverage, creating no folds inside the outer pants. Also, they are not much longer than the normal briefs, so you can still feel the ease of moving around without much restriction.

#2. How frequently should you wash/ change underwear?

Any strenuous or physical activity leaves a lot of sweat in your body and your underwear as well, causing a sweaty smell and uncomfortable feelings. Therefore, you should change your boxer briefs after a period of perspiring activity or once daily,

#3. The best fabric to choose for underwear?

Choosing boxer briefs comes right down to choosing their materials. There are a lot of fabric types available, yet your choice depends on your personal taste and your intended activities while wearing them.

The most common fabrics are cotton and modal:

  • Cotton: great breathability for a long time and an economical choice - the least expensive of underwear options
  • Modal: a durable choice with better moisture absorption - a semi-synthetic fiber from the beech trees

Meanwhile, you can also consider nylon, silk or Spandex. Woolens and thermals are great for cold climate while Spandex is meant for physical activities taking up a lot of time.

#4. What colors for your boxer briefs?

From a physiological view, black underwear may hide away any disease signs. As for colors, it is best to choose natural colors as they create a comfortable feeling. However, preferences should also be of top priority, and the waistband should fit with the pants' colors as well.

#5. Can boxer briefs hide away some body's flaws?

If you have got a bit of a large belly, boxer briefs can hide this imperfection and increase your confidence. Or you can cover some saggy part of your body with these as well. In the case of an imperfect belly, a tight Frenchie might turn girls' looks away from you while some boxer briefs can easily shape your body and make you cool.

#6. Do Boxer briefs help appeal your opposites?

There is a wrong belief held by some men that tight underwear is the most attractive. In fact, it is quite so casual now that we seldom see any distinct feature in doing so. Your opposite may be looking for something kind of mystery and want to discover by themselves.

Wearing boxer briefs - the bottom line

By choosing and mixing your underwear and outer clothing smartly, we believe you can build up your confidence and find your ease of dressing and living!

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