The positive side of the buying experience

Many women say that it goes without saying that if size 14 was the best-selling female size in 2005, stores should offer more elegant and contemporary clothing for the most loyal customers.

This is not what women have found in the past. While department stores offer a wide range of brands, many  plus size women   feel that these departments are hard to find and do not offer a wide selection of products. They are fed up with poor services. Some women have used the Internet for a wider range of modes, but buying without trying can be a tedious task, not to mention trying to return an online purchase.

Fortunately, figured women are no longer forced to look for decent-sized clothes or to deal with the bad service that often accompanies such purchases. A new large boutique concept with a warm and inviting atmosphere has been designed to make the shopping experience more satisfying.

Liz Claiborne Inc., the first company to create a clothing line exclusively dedicated to cutting and fashion needs  for women   ages 14 to 24, now offers under one roof several of the most sought-after brands  and accessories   in the world. the society. 30 Elisabeth shops across the country.

The boutiques feature Elisabeth's iconic classic style, Liz Claiborne Woman's lifestyle and Emma James' casual elegance, as well as the sophistication and elegance of Dana Buchman and Ellen Tracy, as well as the bright color of Sigrid Olsen. all in one destination.

Fashion experts agree that friendly and knowledgeable sales associates, a wide variety of lifestyles, careers, casual wear and accessories, and much sought-after offerings are key ingredients for shopping. a nice experience for plus size guests.

I think that  plus size women   will shop more often if they feel their needs are being met, and the shopping experience is always more exciting when there are more options and choices. A mini-store in a beautiful boutique, like the Elisabeth boutique, is a truly innovative concept, says Susan Redstone, expert in style.

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