Slimming fashion tips for plus size women

Slimming fashion tips for plus size women

We all want to be at our best, whether we are small and thin or tall and heavier. Here are some tips I've collected for plus size women that will help us look better.


Choose a long enough pants for you. If your pants are too short, it will visually cut the length of your legs. The longer your legs are, the more they look slim.

Also choose pants that fit you well, not too tight or too sticky. Too thin fabrics tend to cling to your legs and reveal bumps that we prefer to keep out of sight.

Choose a boot cut trousers, wider leg or flared bottom. The boot cut is slimming, while the wider cuts also add a slimming effect by keeping a visual straight line from our hips to our ankles. The worst choice would be a narrow, tapered pant leg pant, as it improves the width of your hips and thighs.

The pants are also very thin if they have the right length. Choose a style where the bottom of the pants ends a few inches above your ankles but below the widest part of your calves.


Choose skirts that sit just above your knees. A mid-calf skirt cuts the length of your legs and draws your eyes to the thickest part of your lower leg.

Again, a good fit is the key here. Something too narrow will visually improve and draw attention to bumps that we would prefer not to publish. Also look for skirts that fit under the waist if you have a thick waist.


A well-fitting bra is a must for every woman. Not only to bring support and comfort, but a too tight bra can bring out these back rolls as a person's deal!

If your cup size is not too big, consider trying a more comfortable sports bra with adequate support. No sons here ladies!


Choose darker colors for areas you do not want the eyes to focus on and brighter colors for the places you want to accentuate. Darker colors such as black and navy are very thin and should be in every woman's closet.

Dressing from head to toe in a color is also very slimming because it gives a person a larger appearance. Matching your tights to the color of your shoes and skirts helps to get that look.

The reasons

Stay away from large patterns and look for vertical stripes - thin is preferable. Fine scratches help to give the illusion of length. Adding length helps give the illusion of a longer body, which helps you look slimmer. Small, delicate impressions can also be very flattering.

In shape

If your clothes are too tight, they accentuate and amplify all the flaws. If our clothes are too loose and too loose, we think we hide our size, but on the contrary, we enlarge our size.

So many tips to keep in mind when shopping for new clothes! But the key points to remember are a good fit and visually stretching modes. We have so many more size mode options that we can find exactly what works best for our body types.

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