Find Nike Air Jordan Shoes Wholesale

Find Nike Air Jordan Shoes Wholesale

The two main characteristics that distinguish Nike Air Jordan shoes from other sneakers are the very design of the shoe and the logos printed on the shoes. The oldest shoes, published in 1985, were a leather base in the high and low varieties. These are the first shoes to wear the winged basketball that will be recognized as one of the two standard Nike Air Jordan logos. This logo appears on three versions of Nike Air Jordan shoes, printed on the side near the ankle or on the tongue of the shoe. When the fourth version was introduced in 1987, the logo was replaced by what was dubbed the "jumper" image of a basketball player taking his foot for a slam-dunk. This logo appeared in many places depending on the shoe. The sides, the tongue and the sole were ideal conditions for the placement of the logo and the jumper appeared on all.

The most unique feature of the Air Jordan line however lies in Nike Air technology. This allowed for a design that added air to the sole of the shoe, creating a better cushion for the wearer's foot. All Air Jordan shoes had this technology, but it became much more visible in the last lines. In these designs, a compressible shoe "pump" was installed in the tongue of the shoe. By pressing the pump, a customer can change the firmness of the fit of the shoe, adjusting it to personal preference and maximum comfort.

Currently, many high-end shoe stores sell Nike Air Jordan shoe lines at full retail prices, leaving Nike Air Jordan stores wholesale at prices from $ 70 to over $ 300, averaging around 100 $. In order to combat these prices and take a share of the Nike Air Jordan wholesale market, online websites such as have appeared. They offer discounted prices on these shoes, through wholesale options and bulk orders. This guarantees the authenticity and quality of the shoes, but for a much lower price.

There are both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to buying on an online wholesale site, such as Access to a much wider product base, in this case additional colors and shoe styles that may not be available in stores and at wholesale prices, can be kept reasonable even after shipping and handling.

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