Make a fashion statement with designer shoes

Footwear what clothes are in the body? The shoes protect the feet and make walking easier on any terrain. Nowadays, they have taken a different dimension from that of ancient times. The role is to make a fashion statement. Custom designer shoes, matched to the outfit you wear, cause a sensation.

Branded shoes made by high fashion houses are worth thousands of dollars and it is a prestige to wear them. They are part of modern fashion. However, not everything is right with designer shoes. The comfort and protection factor is missing. These shoes can also hurt your feet and affect your posture.

Designer shoes for women

Every woman has her own style and tastes and would like to have bespoke designer shoes. But how many women can afford them? Most women would prefer shoes ranging from $ 25 to $ 100. But the designer shoes of well-known designer houses cost thousands of dollars for just one pair of shoes. The best fashion houses for the elite are in cities like New York, Paris, Italy and London.

How to choose the perfect designer shoes

The selection of good designer shoes requires patience. Do not choose the most brilliant color or design; go by the comfort factor. Consider the following points when choosing designer shoes.

  • Choose the size and shape of hosiery and socks before wearing your shoes. Thick socks or socks will affect the choice of the shoe.
  • Wear the shoes first on one foot and check if there is space between your toes by twisting your toes. Half an inch of space must be present from the tip of the shoe to the end of the longest toe.
  • Check the width of the shoe. Stand on one foot, then both feet, and take a walk to see if the shoes are comfortable or not.
  • Buy shoes only after trying them, as sizes vary from brand to brand. Give priority to comfort and protection.

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