What to Wear for Your Milestone Birthday?

Who doesn't love celebrating their birthday? It's like free money, except it's your entire life. But when you're inching closer to 40 (or 50 or 60), the milestone birthdays start kicking up—and with them comes some extra pressure to look good. That's why we've put together a list of what you should wear for each milestone birthday. We've even included what you should wear to half-birthdays, because why not? Check out these outfits ideas ahead, and make sure you look your best for every year of the rest of your life.

Birthday Outfit Ideas: The Pre-30s

The 20s are a wild time, so you should celebrate them in high fashion. When it comes to your 20th birthday, you want to dress as hot as possible because this is the year you can finally drink. And if there's anything we've learned from movies and TV shows, it's that there are few things more fun to do when you're young than getting wasted. So deck yourself out in sequins, whether it's a skater skirt or pair of denim jeans. If you really want to bring the heat—and who doesn't?—throw on some jeans with a glitter top and then go ham at the club. You can still look good with a beer in your hand, so don't hold back. And if you're celebrating a birthday outside of the 20s? Dress as though it's your personal 30th birthday celebration.

Birthday Outfit Ideas: The 30s

You're a little older now, so you should celebrate with a bit more class. Keep it simple on your 30th birthday and wear something sleek and sophisticated—perhaps a pair of high-waisted pants paired with a slinky top? Just because you can afford to dress yourself doesn't mean you have to resort to cheesy birthday apparel. So stick to the basics in a wearable color, like blush or navy blue. After all, this is an age where you're expected to be more mature and sophisticated with your style choices—and that's totally fine by us. If you're hanging out with your closest friends for your half-birthday, this is the perfect time to bust out all of your new-age black-light art. Put on a glow-in-the-dark top and some shiny shorts, and let your friends know what you're going through—as if they didn't already have an idea...

Birthday Outfit Ideas: The 40s

You're entering your fourth decade of life, and you should celebrate by turning up the dial on mature looks. If it's your 40th birthday, take a cue from Madonna and wear a corset to look as provocative as possible. You can even pair it with some high-waisted pants or a pencil skirt to give off that vintage pin-up girl vibe. You've earned the right to dress as though you're about to attend a burlesque show, so doll yourself up on your birthday and make sure every inch of your body is on full display. If it's an evening affair, don't think twice about adding some color—just remember that you want to play up your best features. So spend some time picking out an outfit that will highlight your legs, arms, or cleavage—whatever you have going for you.

If it's a half-birthday? Wear something shiny and festive, like sequined pants paired with a classic top. This is the year where you're most likely to go out on the town with your closest friends, so get dressed appropriately. Scare yourself up some black-light art and go all out for the big 5-0.

Birthday Outfit Ideas: The 50s

You've officially transitioned from middle age to be a millennial at heart—and you should celebrate by showing off all of those decades of wisdom. When it's your 50th birthday, channel that inner-Beyonce with a look fit for an awards show. Wear a big diva dress in either black or red, and preferably with some sort of cape. Or you can get even more specific by wearing an oversized bow on the back of your dress—which is so fetch, people won't even know what to do with themselves. Throw on some jewels and you're good to go, as this outfit is sure to turn heads no matter where your birthday festivities take you. If it's a half-birthday? Just wear something bright and festive, like a red sequined shirt with high-waisted jeans and gold heels. This is the milestone birthday where you can really let loose and get wild, so go all-out with your material. You deserve to feel like a star on your half-birthday.

Birthday Outfit Ideas: The 60s

When it comes to parties, turning 60 is kind of like turning 30 for millennials—it's not quite a kid-worthy celebration, but it's definitely not the time to dress too wild. So when you're in your sixties, keep it simple on your half-birthday with a classic look that makes you feel like an '80s starlet. We're talking leather pants, perhaps some high-waisted denim, and of course plenty of voluminous shoulder pads. You can even add some furry boots or a vintage leather jacket for an extra glam touch. When it comes to the half-birthday outfit for this milestone, you're already at your prime and should dress accordingly.

When it's your real birthday? Keep things simple and classy with a long-sleeve shirtdress with some heels, or a simple two-piece skirt and blouse set. You don't have to do anything too fancy for your real birthday—just wear something comfortable that makes you feel good.

Birthday is the main holiday in the life of every person. The tradition of celebrating it was born from the recognition of the value of human life. The meaning of the holiday is to confirm love for yourself, and not to sum up the results of life. And by celebrating your birthday, you confirm that you deserve to live and be loved.

This day is completely devoted to the birthday, so things to wear on your birthday are very important. Read the article and choose your ideal image.

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