8 Sneaky Hacks to Hide Belly Fat and Look Fab in any Outfit

You don’t need to compromise on fashionable outfits simply because of that tummy bulge! Just follow these 8 smart tips to hide the flab and flaunt your style.

Is your wish list filled with outfits that never make it to your shopping cart? Do you often go around the entire mall and walk out without purchasing a single dress? Don’t let that muffin top or those extra tires keep you from looking fashionable. You can easily work around your love handles and belly flab to look slim and stylish.

Yep, picking your clothes smartly and using these clever hacks can have an enormous impact on the way you look. Feel confident and put your best foot forward every day with these 8 smart ways that can conceal your fat and make you look fab in any outfit!

1. Pick the Right Patterns

Patterns can make a massive difference to your overall look. Avoid horizontal patterns because they make you look broader and shorter. Pick narrow, vertical patterns to create an illusion of a slimmer silhouette. You can also choose to go with vertical stripes as they make you look taller than you actually are.

For printed outfits, avoid bold, big prints and always pick the ones with smaller details as they make it difficult for anyone to focus on the midsection. Avoid wearing loose-fitted outfits and baggy trousers even if they seem like a perfect solution to conceal your tummy fat because they make you look big and broad.

Finally, pick a mid-rise pattern when buying trousers, skirts and dresses so they fit well around the slimmest part of your waist and efficiently conceal your belly.

2. Use Colours to Your Advantage

Dark colours have a slimming effect and they can effortlessly camouflage your bulges and tires. Lighter tones like white and beige can make you look fat so always opt for dark tones like navy blue, charcoal and black. And if you are wearing a muted outfit, pair it with a dark fitted counterpart like a tailored jacket or a cardigan for an overall thinner look.

Always use dark colours for bottom wear to appear a few pounds lesser than you are. Avoid wearing bright tones like orange, yellow, pink, purple, red and other blingy shades as they will highlight what you want to conceal. Monochromatic dressing is another great way to appear slimmer and taller.

You can also try the value-mixing technique and blend different shades of the same colour as you go from slate to charcoal or from taupe to chocolate.

3. Choose Flowy Fabrics for a Perfect Fit

Flowy fabrics are a fail-proof tactic that you simply can’t go wrong with! So, pick wavy outfits that perfectly blend flow, definition and bounce because they can make any figure look fabulous. Pair solid coloured tops with flowy, high-waist skirts and team up tops that have frayed edges or pom pomps with fitted trousers to flatter your figure.

The fabrics that you want to pick are fine cotton, silk, jersey, cashmere and wool gabardine. Make sure you avoid bulky materials like corduroy, brocade, suede, crushed velvet, angora and fringe and flannel.

4. Layer It Smartly for a Seamless Look

Layering is a great way to conceal your tummy. So whether you are wearing a tank top, t-shirt or a shirt, accessorise it with a scarf in summers and with a shrug or a jacket or a long coat that complements your figure in winters.

Layering not only makes you look stylish but also conceals your excess fat magically. In order to maximise the slimming effect, be sure to wear your darkest shades inside and pair them with contrasting layers on the outside.

5. Use a Waist Trainer for Fitted Outfits

This is an absolute must-have in your wardrobe. A waist trainer or a cincher corset basically tucks in your unflattering tires and flabs to give you a slim, flaunt-worthy figure. These waist trainers are custom-designed for a soft and comfortable fit and exert light compression to create that hourglass shape!

You can easily wear them under all your outfits and look great every day with its slimming power. It sculpts your body shape to give you a defined figure and allows you to take complete control of your bulging belly area. With a premium-quality waist trainer, you can easily get away with skin-hugging outfits and make stylish choices with these easy, discreet & comfortable waist cincher corset.

We recommend this: https://www.weightworld.dk/waist-trainer-korset.html

6. Fix Your Posture to Hide the Bulge

We rarely pay attention to our body posture because we are unaware of the ergonomics when we are sitting or standing or moving around throughout the day. Poor posture and slouching shoulders lead to sagging and loose abdominal muscles which tend to bulge more with the passage of time.

So, make conscious efforts to keep your chin up, shoulders back and keep your rear tucked in at all times. Straighten your spine and keep your shoulders relaxed to avoid the hunch which exaggerates your curves and gives you a heavy look.

7. Consider Taking a Stomach Targeting Supplement

Apart from the quick fixes mentioned above, if you are looking for a long-term solution to bust that belly fat, you can take up a fitness challenge and follow a diet diligently to lose stubborn belly fat. Pairing your healthy efforts with a natural, high strength belly fat burner will definitely make a big difference to your figure, style and confidence.

8. Accessorise Your Look

Enhancing your face with sparkly or chunky jewellery will divert all the attention away from your midriff. So, go bold with a flashy neckpiece that sits perfectly around your collarbone or wear statement earrings to drive the focus to your face.

Just be sure to avoid long and dangly pendants so they don’t bounce around your belly when you move. Match your shoes and stockings with your dress to create the effect of a long and lean body.

If you have a large frame, you can use a waist belt around the slimmest part of your midriff to highlight the slimmer area and finally, you can opt for solid coloured heels to draw the attention to your legs and away from the midsection. Heels will elongate your legs and make your look taller and thinner.

Bonus Tip

9. Take Advantage of the Transdermal Skin Patch Technology

Quick, easy and discreet to apply, these handy slimming patches are created to provide your body with potent natural extracts that use transdermal technology to target fat. With powerful ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia, Guarana, Caffeine and Fucus Vesiculosus Extract, these patches help manage your appetite and your weight and keep you energised without any unwanted side-effects. You can continue to use these slimming patches until you reach your desired shape!

Today, fashion with each new season is becoming more free and accessible to everyone. There are no strict frames and patterns in the choice of clothes and lifestyle. After all, we all have different height, parameters, physique, as well as perception of ourselves. What plays a huge role in choosing clothes and finding your style. This is what makes us unique.

And if you are concerned about a problem that for many girls can become a serious complex - fat in the waist area, then this is easily corrected with the help of properly selected clothes. Use our hacks to hide belly fat and you will always feel confident!

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