Fuchsia On The Windowsill

Fuchsia On The Windowsill

Fuchsia is a long-known and beloved houseplant. Her drooping lantern flowers delight for many months with their graceful beauty. Therefore, every housewife dreams of having a fuchsia garden on the windowsill.

Indoor fuchsia flower attracts flower growers with its unpretentiousness, ease of propagation and a wide variety of beautiful hybrids.

This plant is a real decoration for a home, a blooming garden or landscape design. This can be explained for several reasons - they begin to bloom from spring to late autumn, and are also unpretentious in their care, which cannot but please beginner flower growers. All that is required for them is to adhere to simple recommendations.

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With the lack of sunlight, small flowers are born on weak shoots. The most ideal place for Fuchsia is the windows facing east or north. If they face the south or west side, then on hot days it will be necessary to create an artificial shade for them.

Fertilizers, soil

This plant does not have any special requirements for the soil, but the flower will grow better if you mix earth, peat and sand in a 3: 2: 1 ratio, having previously equipped a drainage system. The ground should be slightly damp at all times.

As for feeding, it is recommended to do this from the appearance of the first buds and continue until the beginning of autumn (the process is carried out once every 14 days). Now in specialized stores there are various types and types of flower dressings, so it will not be a big problem to purchase.

Fuchsia Plant Care: Fuchsia Growing Tips For Success


Watering must be done correctly so that the flowers do not fall off prematurely. To do this, you need to monitor the top layer of the earth, if it has dried up by a few centimeters, then you need to water it. In addition, it is recommended to constantly moisturize and spray it.


It should be light and always clay, because in a plastic pot the root system overheats, this, in turn, leads to the discharge of buds. But even if at the moment, the pot is dark in color, it is worth wrapping it in newspaper or light wallpaper, it is not necessary to rush to the store and replant the flower.

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It is not recommended to keep Fuchsia in a warm place during the hibernation, which occurs from about the second half of October to mid-February. To do this, it must be placed on a warmed veranda or on a cold windowsill. The most suitable temperature regime for her wintering is 5-10 degrees Celsius.

Plant pruning

Professionals recommend carrying out this procedure 3 times a year - in the fall, before wintering, in the spring (cut off the bare stems).

Additional Information:

  • Do not move the pot from place to place during flowering.
  • Remove wilted flowers.
  • Don't forget about watering.

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