Lawn Fertilizer YaraMila Complex: How To Use It?

Lawn Fertilizer YaraMila Complex: How To Use It?

Complex fertilizer YaraMila will be an ideal option for those who want to get healthy. rich and dense lawn. The granules are perfect for rolling or sowing.

YaraMila is a complex fertilizer used for various types of crops. Especially popular for solving various problems associated with lawn grass.

YaraMila - complex fertilizer for the lawn

YaraMila complex fertilizer is one of the most famous mineral types, the effectiveness of which has been proven by many international quality certificates. It is also worth paying attention to the many positive reviews among those who have used this inorganic feeding.

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Mineral fertilizers are produced in a variety of series, which are actively used by farmers, farmers and agrarians not only in the CIS countries, but also in Europe.

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Versatility of application

Mineral fertilizer Yara Mila is a complex type of feeding with prolonged action. Supplied in plastic bags. The fertilizer itself is in the form of granules, which have a special strength, due to which they are not so prone to the formation of dust during storage or during the application into the soil, compared to other fertilizers in granules.

The tool is used both as the main application and before sowing in the ground in the spring-autumn period. Top dressing is used for vegetable, fruit, grain, fruit, industrial crops and trees, as well as for the lawn, so that the grass always remains beautiful.

Yara mila fertilizer, specially developed for processing intensive crops, vegetables, fruit trees, grapes and lawn grasses.

Roslins maintain a balanced life, in which ammonium and nitrate nitrogen is consumed, it is easy to assimilate forms of phosphorus, available for roslins for a long time in various types of soils, as well as potassium chloride and potassium sulfate.

Yara mila fertilizer is an excellent mesogerel of trace elements and in small quantities they are distributed evenly and evenly. Moreover, the metabolic interaction between rekhovin and waxed warehouse is safer, it is better absorbed into the mass of microelements in combination with simple additives, which are also strengthened.

Application rates for different crops are as follows:

Attention! To fertilize the soil under the lawn, it is necessary to take from 200 to 400 kg / ha of funds, which on average is from 2 to 4 kg per 100 sq. m.

Fertilization benefits

Due to the lack of nutrients in the soil, the lawn can germinate or wither quickly. Most often, the lack of some elements is manifested by the yellowness of the grass, wilting and a large number of diseases: the development of rot, the spread of infectious diseases. Naturally, because of this, the lawn will not have an attractive appearance.

YaraMila is a complex fertilizer that will help control the presence of the required amount of components, which will have a beneficial effect on the growth, health and appearance of the lawn. The introduction of top dressing will help to provide the required amount of micro and macro elements starting from the very development of the seeds, which will give a quick start to growth.

Mineral dressing is necessary to stimulate the growth of the root system. It is thanks to her that the healthy and uniform growth of the lawn grass is ensured during the growing season. Among other things, due to the absence of chlorine, the outer lawn of the lawn will always be pleasing to the eye.

Purpose of lawn fertilizers

During the spring-summer period, the lawn grass is constantly in a period of active growth, therefore, it is necessary to systematically apply top dressing. Over time, the soil will exhaust its reserves of nutrients, so you will need to apply fertilizers to replenish them.

If you do not feed the soil with fertilizer, the lawn grass will lose its density, the color will become dull, and in the worst case, even yellow. The lawn will quickly burn out in the sun, and freeze in the autumn-winter period. That is why the introduction of top dressing will become a mandatory procedure. Complex (universal) solutions are more practical, since they are designed for several purposes at once:

Lawn grass cannot cope with all these problems on its own, without feeding.

How to properly fertilize the soil?

The convenience of this versatile granular feed also lies in the method of application. If there is no drip irrigation of the lawn, then it is enough before watering from a bucket or before the rain, just sprinkle the soil with granules. Due to the presence of nitrogen in two forms, as well as potassium in the form of sulfate, the absorption of the herb will be accelerated.

Due to the long dissolution from ordinary contact with water, the process of applying such fertilizers becomes extremely simple. It is enough to calculate the amount of top dressing based on the volume of the lawn and pour the required amount of fertilizer into the bucket and simply scatter them over the entire area by hand. The granules will gradually dissolve over a couple of months and feed the root system of the lawn grass.

Usage based on the season

Despite the fact that YaraMila is a complex fertilizer, it is important to understand that in order to obtain the desired effect and specific goals, it is necessary to apply fertilizers at a certain period. Only in this case can we hope for success and a beautiful lawn all year round:

  • the spring period implies the introduction of 2 to 6 kg per 100 sq. m. It is best to divide the total feeding rate into several parts. Additionally, you can feed with ammonium or calcium nitrate in an amount of 1 to 2 kg per 100 sq. m .;
  • the summer period also requires 2 to 6 kg of fertilizer per 100 sq. m .;
  • the autumn period of application is the most important, since the wintering of the lawn grass depends on it. 100 sq. m., it is necessary from 2 to 4 kg, but it is necessary to adjust the rate based on the temperature and state of the field.

It is clear that fertilization is not required in winter. The lawn will be reliably hidden under a snow coat and will wait for spring. It is important to buy only certified products from official suppliers or resellers. In addition, you must strictly adhere to the instructions from the manufacturer.

★★★★⋆  Lawn Fertilizer YaraMila Complex: How To Use It? The YaraMila Complex fertilizer is easy to use and has great results, especially on garden lawn grass rolls.

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