How to renovate the attic of an ancient house

How to renovate the attic of an ancient house

Some of the best houses to renovate are the ones that are ancient. This is because it has a lot of potential unlike modern homes today. A room in the house that can be converted into living space is the attic and here is how you do it.

First, you will need to inspect the condition of the attic by hiring an experienced inspector. This person will be able to determine the extent of work to be done and if this is feasible.

Most old houses are considered national treasures, so you need to know the limits of the renovation. To do this, you will need to obtain a copy of the conservation guidelines.

The old houses are very different from modern houses. So, if you need help, do not call any contractors, but hire someone recognized by the local preservation society or the historical commission as it has encountered unexpected problems in the past and is now better prepared if it were to happen. reproduce. For example, in most homes, there was a lot of lead in paint and asbestos. You may not know it and at least there is someone who knows it.

For lighting in the attic, you can switch rocker switches that were very popular at the time to the modern push button type. The bulbs used must be fluorescent energy saving lamps or compact fluorescent lamps. Wherever possible, also use LEDs.

Most attics do not have windows. For this you need to install energy efficient systems to prevent heat loss. This will surely make it comfortable for those who want to spend time working here or hanging out.

If the walls are still in good condition, you can remove cracks and peels so that they can be repainted preferably with a protective coating to prevent damage if they are wet. If you want to use wallpaper, make sure it has a waterproof coating.

As for the attic floor, you can make it as new by sanding it. Another option is to buy a carpet and have it on the wood. But if it is damaged, you should find old wood, replace it and then cover it again with the carpet.

Some homeowners want the attic to look like it was at its peak. For that, you will have to look for old things. You can have a look at the garbage garage or the garage, because there could always be something you find useful. This will prevent the house from losing its value if you want to resell it later.

Perhaps the two modern things you will need to add to the antique home are good insulation and good ventilation. Again, this was not used at the time, but as you turn it into a living space, it's normal for you to lay layers of ceiling insulation and a ventilation duct so you can maintain the temperature from this place to a reasonable level. Comfortable level during the hot and cold months of the year.

If you succeed in renovating the attic of the ancient house, you can also do the same for the rest of the house. By going step-by-step, you will never exceed your budget, so you will have money left over for other things, such as new furniture or appliances that you would like to buy and install inside your home.

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