Attic renovation tips that you can use

Renovating the attic is not as easy as renovating another room in your home. There are many things to consider when planning to convert your attic into living space or available space. Here are some things to consider before continuing the renovations of this attic.

Attic height

As you well know, most attics are similar in that they are usually part of the space between the roof of your house and its ceiling. For this reason, attics can provide limited space for work. One of the possible concerns you will encounter would be its height. If the renovation aims to provide additional living space at home, the height of the attic should be one of the important things to check. It is common for people to realize that their attics are not designed to follow a person's normal height. In most cases, attics offer only a squat and, at best, a limited standing for people. The height of the attic must be considered if it is to be used as a spare part or as such.

Framing design

Attics being located on the attic, the frames can also limit the renovation work. The roofs can be framed by a labyrinth of sleepers and beams that can take up a lot of space in the attic. But there are also houses with roofs that do not use such a type of frame to support it. For houses with roofs with X and Y frames, it should be considered that these structures must not be modified in any way or that they could cause later problems of structural stability of your home. The best attics to renovate are open attics. Their renovation would however require the use of a lattice structure.


One of the important things to consider when you plan to renovate your attic is its accessibility. If you wish to transform an attic into a spare room, then you might need to install a staircase to reach it. You must consider checking the available space wherein you might be putting such a staircase. Although you may have some space saving options available such as using a spiral type staircase, still, accessibility should be a primary concern. Accessibility may pose a problem during attic renovation since you may end up either having a too steep an access point or a too narrow entry way going up the attic. Careful planning may help keep such a problem within reasonable levels.


When planning an attic renovation, you should also try to check if the structure around it is strong enough to support extra weight. This would be especially important if you want to make this loft a guest room. Remember that the attic floor was designed to be just a ceiling of the room below. Turning it into a spare part may require sufficient stability to support the weight of one or both of its future occupants. Try to see if you may need to add reinforcing frames to allow your attic to support more weight as a spare part. If you forget to check for such stability issues, you may have ceiling cracks or stability issues that could eventually become expensive problems to solve. It is best to check these problems first before renovating your attic.

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