How to turn your attic into a playroom

How to turn your attic into a playroom

Kids love to play outside. But when it's raining or snowing, they need another place to play, so why not turn your attic into a playroom?

Can you really turn the attic into a playroom? This answer really depends on the quality of the room. You can easily find out by taking a tape measure and checking to see if it can be done. If you can enter here without any squeaks or noise, chances are on your side as it can support the weight of your children and their friends.

Before you leave, make sure you get all the required permits from the Mayor's office. You will have to get it yourself if you are going to do it. But if you hire a contractor, he can take care of the leg work so you do not have to worry about anything.

Lighting is one of the things you must provide in your renovated attic. Your children can not rely on the light bulb that is already there during the day. What you can do is install a skylight so that natural light enters the room.

The proper installation of the skylight depends on the sun's course during the day. You can even install several and make sure there are blinds so that the room is not very hot during the summer months.

Natural light can also enter the game room if there is a window. If there is one already, it's something you do not have to worry about. But if there are none, talk to the carpenter. It does not have to look like a conventional window. In fact, you can even use a design of irregular shape or different size.

The next two things to work on are walls and floors. Make sure there is enough insulation on the walls so it does not get too hot in the summer. They should also be painted using light colors to add to the lighting already provided by the windows and skylight.

If children will color in this room, make sure you use durable and easy-to-clean materials. A good example is the laminate floor and you can use marble or painted wood.

The good thing about turning the attic into a playroom is that you do not have to buy new furniture. A plastic table and some plastic chairs will do the trick. If children want to sleep here, you can easily roll out a mattress and hide it by placing them in a chest. If older guests came to visit us, a sofa bed might bring a nice touch.

The playroom can also be used as an office or library by placing shelves on small spaces. Of course, you can place books, stuffed animal balls and other items within reach.

Since the shelves are not enough for your child's old toys, do not forget to put a trunk or a small cupboard. If it's not so expensive to have these custom-made customs, go for it to maximize the space.

It is quite easy to turn the attic into a playroom. Make sure you have all the cleaning products nearby, as you will have to clean it at the end.

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