Common work accidents in construction and their causes

Common work accidents in construction and their causes

Construction jobs are one of the most dangerous areas in the world. Workers perform heavy work. They usually use machines and perform their tasks with bare hands. Yes, there may be a number of protective gear that they are required to use but accidents happen simply. Work-related injuries occur in an instant and can be mild or severe. In fact, many construction workers have been beheaded.

Injuries are often the result of machine failures, such as cranes, forklifts, front-end loaders, and so on. Further injuries occur due to lack of proper personnel training, debris fallout, defective safety equipment, collapse of the structure itself, electrical fire, precautions for use and many others.

Construction sites are high risk sites

The construction site is a high-risk site and its workers are mainly exposed to all types of risks. The US Department of Labor states that construction workers must be provided with safety equipment and compensations because they risk their health and lives in one way or another while continuing to work. on the site.

Doing construction is a very risky business because of the types of risks each individual faces. The state imposes several regulations. However, even with these protective safety rules, they can only provide a little money to comfort the family of an accident victim. Accidents happen either because employers are too irresponsible, or because the workers themselves are too lax in enforcing safety rules. Some contractors and subcontractors may also be blamed for this.

The main responsibility of a construction company

Regardless of the type of construction company you are affiliated with, you should know that your employer and other senior officials are responsible for informing their workers of the safety precautions to be taken. It is also the responsibility of the employer to apply all necessary safety rules that are consistent with the provisions of the federal government.

The most common injuries and accidents on construction sites

The following are typical accidents at construction sites.

Musculoskeletal disorders of the back, neck and upper limbs

Workers struck by falling objects or even certain machines

Employees are stuck against the wall by a motor vehicle or machine

The workers are caught by any machine

Slips and falls on any level of construction site

Injuries of motor vehicles

Structural collapse


Electric fire

Serious burns

Injuries to the head and spine

These are just some of the common occurrences among very unlucky workers. Most of them are simply victims of negligence or of others.

The right thing to do after the injury

If you or any of your colleagues have been injured at work, it is necessary to immediately contact a lawyer specialized in this field. He or she is the right person who can help you in the procedures of your case. You need advice to look closely at claims under the insurance policy and to identify the parties involved who should be held responsible for your injury.

Although no one wants accidents to occur during construction, it is important that you get help from a professional.

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