What does a construction estimator job do?

What does a construction estimator job do?

There are many jobs in the construction industry, but one of the most unattractive when looking for a job in the industry is the construction estimator. What is the construction estimator? Construction estimators play an important role in a construction company in that they are responsible for estimating or calculating everything from construction costs to the time needed to complete the project. The estimator will have to take into account all the necessary elements to finally establish the figure estimated necessary for the total cost of the project.

Much of this work is done in the office. However, construction estimators need to communicate with other construction officials, such as architects, surveyors, other construction personnel and clients, to accurately project project costs. The other specific tasks they are supposed to perform are:

  • Calculate proposals and quotes

  • Ensure that the selected proposals are those that will offer a decent return on the investment made by the company

  • Negotiate contracts

  • Prepares the estimated prices according to the drawings of the architect

  • Estimate the number of construction jobs needed

  • Estimate the amount of material needed.

What are the qualifications to become a construction estimator?

  • To meet the academic requirements, the candidate must have a diploma corresponding to this field, of which the assessment and analysis of competencies constitute the main element. The degrees in construction management or construction science are perfect for this job.

  • The applicant must have a thorough knowledge of construction materials, procedures and costs.

  • Postgraduate training in mathematics or work will be a major asset for data analysis.

  • Construction companies prefer aspiring candidates with advanced knowledge of computer data analysis. If you have worked with estimation software, the more you have.

  • Must be an excellent communicator, as estimators interact with different people at all levels of the construction industry.

Background experience

Regarding this aspect, any relevant background will give you an advantage. Some experience is already a considerable advantage, as the construction estimators of different companies do not follow the same training, especially the fact that each company has its own specific estimation process. When you are hired by a new company, you will have to be trained to their standards and learn new things that your old business does not have.

Working as a construction estimator will open up many ideas and knowledge because you will not interact with just one type of construction staff, but almost all. Thus, an experience in which interacting with different types of people was the main component of your work can be a valuable benefit in applying for this job.

Development opportunities for you

The advantage of becoming a construction estimator is that you can take it as a path to a richer career with higher pay potential in a field of construction jobs. Once you have become a construction estimator, you will have the opportunity to select a specialized area in this area. For example, if you have completed the general estimation work, you may choose to specialize in mechanical or electrical estimation.

There are appropriate trainings for this, so you may need to follow them before you can move to another level. However, if you are considering your current position, you may have the opportunity to work on a management position giving you the benefits of higher salaries, employee value and interactions with more prestigious construction projects.

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