Easy-to-do paint repair

Painting is considered the garment of your home.

Although paint problems may seem ugly and major, you may actually be spared the need to hire a professional painter and spend considerable amounts of money. You can be your own Picasso by touching up your home.


All paintings, whatever their brand, can only last a few years on your wall, before the decomposition process begins to appear. When you notice a degradation of the paint, it essentially means that the first layer or the main layer of the surface is weakening.

This problem is common in old houses with multiple layers of paint. When the decomposition process begins, the paint begins to crack and peel off your wall or the surface of your wood. As a result, your wood or drywall will be exposed.

To solve this problem, try scratching or pressure washing your surface. After that, fill all holes with putty if it is wood or putty if it is a wall surface. After filling, take a sand paper and sand the surface gently.

When finished, wipe off the dust and let it dry completely. Basically, when cleaning with pressurized water or when it is raining, the drying time of the surface should be 24 hours. Once you are sure it is dry, then you can start painting.

Moisture accumulation

Another cause of paint cracking is moisture buildup, leakage or excessive condensation.

Most likely you can find mold and mildew with this problem. This kind of problem is often encountered in the bathroom. However, it can also occur in other parts of the house due to leaking roofs and nearby outdoor shrubs. Your paint may sag due to moisture. But in this case, you will not see any shredding debris.

If the accumulation of moisture is the cause of your febrile pain, then you will have to make another remedy.

Since you are targeting mold and this is an inner surface that you attach, you can use a solution consisting of three parts of water and one part of bleach. If it is an exterior surface, you can wash it using an outdoor solution for high pressure cleaners.

Both can be purchased at your local store. You can also try renting a pressure washer in some stores that offer services like these during the weekends.


The last known painting problem would be fading. This usually happens with the exterior surfaces of the house. However, this can also occur indoors when specific colors have been used for the walls. Basically, the color of the paint fades when it is too exposed to the sun.

To avoid this kind of problem, most people try not to use bright and bold colors such as deep red. If you have a predilection for deep colors, but do not like faded colors, try looking for hues that are red or golden.

You can try to consult a painting partner about this.

Try to find out how much red or yellow oxide dye has been mixed for the specific color you want. Basically, if the paint partner says that each dye has about 1 ounce in the base of hue to create the color, you have spotted a color that can resist fading for a very good time.

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