Do it yourself Drywall Projects How to paint your drywall properly

First, you must keep in mind that painting drywall can be difficult. In fact, it is relatively different when painting an ordinary wall. It's more specialized and you need the right tools to get professional results when painting your drywall.

With the right tools and the right preparation, you will see that painting drywall can be done by almost anyone.

Here are the steps to follow to paint the drywall.

First of all, you need to remember that drywall painting is best when the weather is warm enough and not too wet. You must ensure that the surface to be painted is perfectly dry, clean and free of grease and oil.

You should also keep in mind that you must also apply at least three coats of joint compound on the gypsum to paint. In addition, joints between drywall panels must be glued with fiberglass tape or mesh paper. This will ensure that the joint is updated. You must also fill in cracks or marks in the same way.

You can clean the dust from walls and ceilings to be painted before priming to get a cleaner finish. However, if you really want a professional-looking finish, it is highly recommended to sand it lightly with high-quality abrasive paper. Use at least 200 sandpaper for sanding after drying the primer. If you find imperfections, rough chips and raised fibers on the surface, you can easily smooth them out.

You must also remember that you must wear protective equipment, such as glasses and a mask. This will prevent gypsum dust from entering your eyes and lungs, which can be quite irritating. It is also strongly recommended to dress with protective and appropriate clothing.

Obtain a vacuum cleaner to remove dust above the door and window moldings. A hand dust can do this job as well. Spare clothing must also be used to protect finished floors, windows, doors and other fixtures. If you can, you need to get a painter's plastic and use it to protect your floor and the objects in the room that you do not want to be accidentally painted on.

After taping or sanding the gypsum, it is important not to let it sit too long, as the sunlight can yellow and fade, which will look uneven after painting. To combat yellowing, you must use a high-quality latex stain-resistant paint before priming.

You must have a roll, a brush and a spray. The brushes are ideal for cutting around borders and for areas like corners. The rollers are perfect for painting large areas. When using a roller, you must remember that you must apply the topcoat in the direction of the application of the primer. This will give you a bigger and cleaner finish. A paint sprayer can provide you with a quick way to paint the room, but it will not really give you a uniformly uniform finish over the use of a roller.

You can adjust with two coats of paint and for finishing or finishing coat, use two coats of gloss varnish. This will give you a washable finish and will not be subject to stains and marks.

Always remember that when painting your drywall, take the time to prepare yourself and make sure to apply the proper painting techniques. With these tips, you can be sure you can get a professional-looking finish even without the help of a professional painter.

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