Good tips for finishing your drywall

Good tips for finishing your drywall

Now that you have successfully installed your drywall without any major incident, you must then work tirelessly to achieve a perfect finish. You must consider this a major obstacle for all DIYers. It seems almost impossible to give a good finish to your drywall, but before you start tearing your hair, you will see that there are many drywall finishing tips you can learn that will help you get a better drywall finish. excellent finish. on your drywall.

You should keep in mind that when finishing your drywall, it's always best to do things slowly and do things right the first time. This will save you a lot of time and money for expensive repairs that you will need to do later if you are not patient when finishing your drywall.

The key to finishing drywall is to practice a lot. Remember that the practice is perfect and even professionals who install drywall can make mistakes. You can follow the finishing process of drywall, but it is up to you to get the specific application feeling of drywall mud and to properly finish the drywall.

After applying the drywall, the next step is to apply the drywall tape to the joint. Try using gypsum paper tape on the corners and fiberglass tape for flat seams. This will be much more convenient for you and it will also strengthen the strength of your drywall.

The advantage of fiberglass drywall tape is that it has a self-adhesive adhesive that can be rolled up before the drywall mud is applied. On the other hand, you must apply a layer of drywall mud before applying the drywall paper tape.

Now, after applying the fiberglass tape, you can then apply the drywall joint compound. It is strongly recommended to use a drywall trowel of at least 5 inches for this application to give the task a professional finish. For gypsum joints, use a 12-inch cement trowel, as it works better.

The 12-inch cement trowel will allow you to spread more drywall joint compound over the joints when you first apply. When applying the first coat of joint compound, allow it to dry before applying the next coat. This will allow you to continue to spread the drywall mud evenly until the joints are flat and imperceptible.

After applying at least 3 coats of joint compound to your drywall and drying it well, the next step is to sand the area until it is smooth and ready to be painted.

These are basically the steps on how to finish your drywall. Always remember that you may have problems along the way. But, if you pay attention and follow the mentioned tips, you can be sure that you can have a professional finish on your drywall.

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