The benefits of using wood composites and recycled plastic

The benefits of using wood composites and recycled plastic

Wood and plastic composite materials are one of the most environmentally friendly materials you can use for patio or patio construction. These materials are not only environmentally friendly, they are also excellent building materials even more reliable than plastic or wood.

Why should you use wood and plastic composites?

less maintenance

Standard wood must be repainted and repaired approximately every year. This requires a lot of manpower, as well as the use of many toxic chemicals. Composites of wood and plastic completely bypass this need.

These composites are already made in certain colors. The entire material is of this color, inside and out. This means that you will never have to repaint the composite. Composites are available in almost every conceivable color. So you can be sure that you will find one that suits your home.

made from recycled materials

More than 50% of the wood and plastic used in composites comes from recycled wood chips and recycled plastics.

Every time you buy a composite, you help a number of green companies that recycle all of the materials used in the mix, in addition to the composite manufacturer.

no rot, no moisture, less pests

Composite materials also do not have many of the traditional problems of wood.

For example, they will not absorb moisture and mold. They will not rot with time.

They are more resistant to parasites such as termites. It is very very rare to see a pest infestation on wood-plastic composites.

less pollution in manufacturing

Surprisingly, the process of manufacturing treated wood is highly toxic. Although treated, various chemicals such as arsenic, chromium and copper are used to treat wood.

This type of chemical pollution is harmful to the environment. In addition, wood-plastic composites are manufactured in an environment highly sensitive to pollution.

less waste

When you use wood to build a deck or patio, there is often a lot of waste. You must cut the wood into the shapes you are looking for, which means that a large amount of wood will be discarded and a large amount of wood chips will be generated.

In addition, there was also waste at the plant when the wood was cut into the shapes in which you bought them. Since trees do not come in planks, there are many of these trees that simply remain unused.

Wood-plastic composites are not cut but molded. This means that they can be molded into the perfect shape for your project, so there is no need to waste materials when cutting.

If you want to reduce deforestation, increase our recycling rate, reduce waste and prolong the life of your patio while having less maintenance, wood-plastic composites can be your favorite material.

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