Use of environmentally friendly chemicals ranging from sealants to cleaners

When building and maintaining your deck and deck, you will need a good amount of chemicals.

First of all, you will need sealants to keep different pieces together and prevent water from entering. You will need paints and coatings to give a nice appearance to various parts of your deck.

You will need cleaners to keep your deck in perfect condition. It is a chemical that you will use again and again.

Each of these chemicals has an industrial version and an ecological version. Why should you choose to respect the environment?

green manufacturing

Eco friendly chemicals are made using what's called green manufacturing procedures.

Green manufacturing is about using sustainable techniques to produce chemicals. Green manufacturers are very aware of the by-products created by manufacturing, including by-products in water and pollution. Green manufacturers produce zero to minimal amounts of by-products.

In addition, they use the least amount of harmful chemicals in the rest of their plants. For example, instead of cleaning the plant with ammonia or other harmful chemicals, factories are cleaned with jets of water.

Biodegradable packaging

Most industrial products have non-biodegradable packaging and bottles. This means that when you discard the packaging, it can remain in a landfill for forty years or more.

On the other hand, Biodegradable packaging is designed so mother nature can easily break it down and return it to soil through bacteria, micro-organisms and other life forms.

Ecological products are designed for biodegradability. Their bottles and containers are usually all biodegradable.

no harmful chemicals

Many traditional cleaning chemicals contain large amounts of toxic substances. Chemicals such as formaldehyde, petroleum solvents, chlorine, diethylene glycol and many others are used to make the cleaning solution inexpensive to manufacture while remaining effective.

Green cleaning solutions do not have this problem. They are made from safe and environmentally friendly materials.

less marketing and packaging dollars, more about the product

When a giant multinational manufactures a cleaning product, a lot of the expenses are not really the product, but the marketing and the packaging.

The powder contained in a box of cleaning solution is cheap to manufacture. However, market this box so that when you are in the supermarket, you choose it rather than others is very expensive.

Most green products spend a lot less money on marketing and packaging. Instead, most of their money is spent on the product and they rely on environmentally conscious consumers, like you, to choose their product based on quality rather than advertising.

By purchasing environmentally friendly chemicals, you help these companies create superior products, containing zero to no harmful chemicals, completely biodegradable and manufactured in an environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly environment.

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