Major garage transformation

Major garage transformation

One of the most frequently asked questions when you are thinking of converting your garage to a new use is the warmth of the ground. Whether you choose to convert your garage into a spacious home office or gym, you need to consider some improvements to your floor.

Since the garage has a concrete floor and not insulated, you must make it warmer and more resistant. Filling wood and plywood can accomplish both tasks. As a warning, use pressure treated wood or protect the wood in contact with the concrete by placing a layer of felt paper between the wood and the concrete.

First, measure and determine how much you want to speak. All garage floors have a certain slope from the back wall to the wall with the garage door inside to allow the flow of water.

To get a level floor, you will need to adjust the joists. For this, if you place the joists perpendicular to the slope in the ground, each of them must be lowered or wedged and if the joists are parallel to the slope, you can tear them on a cone or use shims to smooth them.

Ok, you're done remodeling the floors, it's time to look at your walls. You may be surprised to discover that your walls do not even have the foundations on which they sit.

They may be set back from the foundation or perhaps overhanging in other areas. A single step will solve these problems by choosing a wood size deep enough to extend the frame beyond the concrete.

By notching each end of the fur band and attaching a strip to the face of each wall jamb, you will get a uniform wall that completely masks the foundation. In addition, it will be deep enough for the insulation of the R-21 wall, this type of insulation being the most common requirement of the code.

When remodeling walls and floors, several obstructions may appear. Obstacles such as pipes, ducts, cables and other obstacles preventing the smoothing of walls may exist. For small obstructions such as wires or small pipes, you can adjust the fur bands enough to accommodate them.

The solution for large obstructions is to surround them. If the obstruction is a water heater or something that you will need to access, you can frame it and enclose it on three sides, then provide a removable access panel for the fourth side.

A building permit may be required for a garage repair.

Of course, all the methods presented here are purely theoretical and are only indicative. All garages are different and adjustments to the methods or materials used may be necessary to fit your garage.

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