Get rid of stains on your hardwood floor

Get rid of stains on your hardwood floor

The most common and perhaps the most boring stains on your precious hardwood floor are stains. Whether it is ink stains, water or anything else, the fact that this stain was caused by someone's negligence and not by normal wear and tear makes us feel a little angry . Indeed, the stains are very obvious and, in severe cases, may require us to completely replace the wooden board.

But when you see a stain on your floor, you should not panic for now. This may be damage that can be solved by minor repair methods and without the need for professional help. You can repair some hardwood floor stains yourself.

For example, if there is a huge water mark on your floor, you may be tempted to replace the entire board to get rid of it. This is not always the cure. You should first try if this is a problem that can be solved by sanding and refitting the affected stain.

Taking care of a small stain yourself will not be a nuisance, compared to changing the entire surface. However, if the stain is really unmanageable, you can always try to do the replacement work yourself.

The first step to remove stains is to prepare a crystalline solution of oxalic acid, which will be buffered on the stained area. Oxalic acid acts as a bleaching agent and can eliminate minor stains. If the stain is not bleached the first time, you can repeat the procedure several more times until the stain disappears. However, make sure to wear protective gloves because oxalic acid may be too hard for your skin.

After applying oxalic acid, you must restore your soil to its usual acidity by rinsing it with vinegar. The one you find in your kitchen will do the trick. Of course, you will need to wipe the area away from excess moisture and let it dry completely before leaving it alone. The result must be bleached but without stains.

Finally, choose an oil-based stain that you can apply to the bleached surface to get the original look of your hardwood floor. You can make a number of applications before getting the desired hue. However, before choosing the tinted shade to buy, first make sure that it is compatible with the rest of the floor color and the type of wood your floor is made of.

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