What does the world mean for heat savings in winter?

What does the world mean for heat savings in winter?

Everyone always thinks of himself. Everyone is so worried about what will happen to their bills and their oil price, but if everyone stopped thinking about themselves and started thinking about the world, you could save a lot more on the heat of the day. 'winter.

First, did you know that plastics use 1.5 million barrels of oil per year? If you started recycling, we would consume less oil a year for stupid things like bottled water. Americans use things like bottled water to look so much better than the rest, but the truth is that US water systems are the best water systems in the world. Russian waters are not as clear as the United States or Britain. In this spirit, everyone must reduce plastic and learn to recycle.

Second, instead of running the newspapers, you may want to save them. Bring them to the basement and throw them on the fire. You will find that the fires will be easier to start and you will also be able to keep the paper in the trash. Remember that not many people can use newspapers because not everyone has a charcoal or wood stove. Learn to recycle again. It takes energy and a lot of natural resources to make them.

Third, you can think of using less oil per day. This does not mean that you should not have the furnace running, but instead of heating your house to 70 throughout the day, you can lower it to 62 degrees when you're not home and keep the thermostat at 68 degrees when you're at home. In addition, it is recommended that you do not light your furnace until it has been repaired (so that the energy is not wasted) and before you need it.

Some people turn on the heaters during the day and huddle with many blankets during the night. Unless you have young children at home, leave the furnace off until the first snowfall or somewhere around November. In addition, you can turn off your furnace once Easter begins, as it can get warmer during the day, but at night you may need it. It's not just reducing your demand, but the world is in demand and oil prices could go down by a few cents.

Remember, when you start doing some of these things, your friends and family will also start thinking about themselves and how to save money. Soon, everyone in your community will save oil here and there. This is how you can really help the world.

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