Attic remodeling and renovation

Space may be the last frontier, but at home, people are finding boundaries and must do what is available. If the house gets small, there are ways to make it look bigger and maybe doing attic renovation and renovation work could be the solution.

The attic is the best place as it can be transformed from storage space to living space. It can be converted into an additional room, a games room, an office, a library or a gym.

Before you can start your project, you need to check how much usable space in the attic can be converted. Ideally, the height of each wall should be at least 5 feet. You should take this very seriously to avoid bumping your head.

If the height of the walls does not reach the minimum required, adjust it by converting the roof so that it is tilted upwards. Another option will be to change that into a gable roof that goes straight up.

Homeowners living in older homes will also need to reinforce their ceiling joists. This can be found under the attic floor and used to support the extra weight that will be introduced into the room, such as a new bed, sofa, TV or even a bathtub. To do this, you may need to reduce some of the space available in the cramp room.

Attic remodeling and renovation also requires proper insulation, ventilation and lighting. For insulation, you will need to install extra layers so that it is not too hot or too cold all year round. You can also control the temperature by inserting air ducts. In terms of lighting, you can install a skylight on the ceiling and windows, which will surely save you money on your electricity bill.

For those planning to put a bathroom in the attic, you must connect it to the nearest source.

You must also work on the access to the attic and this can only be done by installing a staircase. If you use a straight staircase, it should be 3 feet by 16 feet. For those who want to use a spiral staircase, it must measure 5 feet in diameter. The building code prohibits the use of ladders if that leads to a bedroom, but not if it leads to an attic.

If you are unsure whether your attic can be refurbished or renovated, you can contact the building inspector or an architect. If possible, you can already start planning what you want to do, then hire a contractor to do the rest.

When looking for an ideal entrepreneur, you must call several. You must not only compare their rates, but also check their background to see if they have fired employees working for them, if they are insured and if they have done a good job with previous clients. Once the screening is done, it's time to decide who will manage the project.

Redeveloping and renovating the attic should not cost you a fortune, as you only work on a small part of the house. Once the operation is complete, you can appreciate its current appearance compared to what it was before: a room filled with old objects and boxes.

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