6 DIY Air Conditioner Tips to Keep it Going!

The scorching heat of summer days is all fun and games until it comes unbearably humid. Depending on regionals areas like tropical places face the maximum amount of humidity and heat. At times like this, our only saviour is the Air Conditioner and it’s full blast ice-cold air. However, the worst problem you can face is a dead AC amidst the heatwave.

Modern air conditioners can effectively purify the air from animal hair, dust and smoke, filter out air pollen from trees, grasses and weeds, ionize the air, kill bacteria and viruses, keep the air circulating in the room and much more.

It is simply a must have for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Air conditioners are easy to manage and safe, have a remote control and automatic mode of operation, even with a sudden power outage retain their functions.

Besides that, the Air Conditioner is an electronic product and it is needless to say that there will be times when it breaks down without giving you notice. And, that can be extremely annoying and stressful.

So, what can we do about this? Well, it is not impossible to avoid such a situation though it is much likely to happen once or twice in a lifetime. But, what matters is how well you understand the mechanism of AC and how well you adjust its longevity using some DIY Air Conditioner Tips. Continue reading for further information in detail.

6 Easy Air Conditioners Hacks that You Can Do at Home!

Sometimes  AC repair Dubai   service is the only solution if the problem is severe. Besides that, you may not always have the time to get instant services due to a busy schedule. However, what you can do is, follow these 6 AC tips that will work wonders for you Air Conditioner:

1. Inspect the AC Settings/Thermostat

The thermostat of the AC plays an important role because without a thermostat, you would not be able to configure the temperature of the AC, be it heating or cooling. Similarly, if the thermostat is not functioning, then it is likely that that AC won’t function either.

To make sure it is working or not, read the settings of the thermostat. Check the settings of the temperature and apply accordingly. If your room is relatively small then you may use a moderate room temperature instead of extremely low temperature. If the thermostat is not working at all, then it could be that the battery life has ended so get new batteries for the thermostat.

2. Check Main Power Outlet/Breaker

Power is the main source of electricity that distributes its signals to all the appliances in the house. Meanwhile, Air Conditioners use an ample amount of power to run, thus it needs a certain adequate amount of it compared to other appliances. That being said, if you have too many appliances running simultaneously, then it is highly likely that AC is not getting enough power to run. At times like this, it is important to check the power out or the breaker. Reduce the usage of other appliances for the time being and check the results.

3. Clean Air Filters/Condenser Coils

The air filters of AC are as important as the compressor, which is the heart of the AC unit. Air filters are capable of extracting dirt, dust, air particles, and debris from the air it pulls inwards for transforming. Thus, over time, the air filter can accumulate a lot of hard layers. This puts pressure on the compressor to produce cold air.

And as a result, the condenser coil also gets clogged and the AC produces lukewarm air. Thus, it is essential to clean the filters and the condenser coil once in a few months at least. It keeps the AC working smooth and the compressor faces less pressure.

Additionally, you can also make sure to close any gaps or leaks front the door or window so that the compressor pulls air inwards at a normal rate. Or, you also seek  AC repair Dubai   and get a detailed idea.

4. Melt the Freezing Ice

Amidst hot summer days, we tend to keep the AC on for a longer time. This, in return, can do more harm to the compressor and the other AC units. Due to excessive use, the coils inside become frozen as ice. This can damage the compressor and alter other component functions.

So, what to do? Well, in order to melt the ice inside, all you need to do is turn the AC unit off for a long period of time. Besides that, you can also increase the temperature using the thermostat. Make sure to increase the temperature higher than that of the room’s temperature. Another alternative way to break the ice is by using the fan only mode. Additionally, you must do this frequently to keep the ice from forming.

5. Check the Air Ducts

The  air ducts   can get really messy if you leave it unchecked. Climbing up to your attic may not be a huge task, so you can do that. Take a good look at the  air ducts   and make sure the air passage is clear.

The majority of the time, the air passage gets blocked from dust, debris, and many more things. Or, the worst situation can be when one of the pathways gets blocked accidentally. This can put more pressure on the compressor since the air is not going out after the exchange. Thus, clean your  air ducts   properly and get rid of any dust particles or debris in it.

6. Maintenance

Your AC works tirelessly every day under a lot of pressure. Despite its effort, it can wear off, be it an electrical problem, compressor issue, refrigerant leaks, clogged condenser coil, or physical damage to the unit.

Either way, your AC needs care and maintenance from time to time. Apart from the rest of the tips, getting an  AC repair Dubai   or maintenance service done every 6 months will benefit the AC. This is because AC cleaners and maintenance service [providers have prior knowledge and they know what your AC needs.

Additionally, the AC will run for longer periods of time. And also, it will save you from further expenses and keep your energy bill on a minimum amount.

Final Words!

The comforts of Air Conditioner are beyond comparison when the days are hot during summer. But, just as much as it helps, it needs help in return too. So, give your Air Conditioner the care and nurture it needs!

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