Water-cooled home air conditioners

Initially, water conditioning was only used in commercial buildings. However, there are now water-cooled domestic air conditioners on the market. These systems use water to remove heat from the house while reducing compressor work. This split system air conditioning unit is called a cooler in the commercial context. Water-cooled home air conditioners can probably be called mini-coolers. These systems, which use low pressure hoses, typically consume less electricity than most home air conditioners. The use of water cooled evaporative domestic air conditioners helps to maintain low effective temperatures. In areas where the climate is dry, these units consume less energy than standard steam compression units.

Water-cooled domestic air conditioners operate using a small water pump that constantly vaporizes on the condenser coil, cooling the copper coil. A float maintains the required water level. Every eight hours, a pump automatically turns on to restore the water required for system operation. By using a fan above the condenser, the evaporation process and the heat transfer are increased. In areas with high temperatures, homeowners must ensure that all water is removed from the condenser and the copper water line.

The operating costs of water-cooled home air conditioners are much lower than the home units. The initial installation cost is the most expensive. After installation, the owner must ensure that the outdoor condensing unit is supplied with water. Water-cooled home air conditioners are significantly less expensive to use than air-cooled units. To learn more about water-cooled home air conditioners, their operation, cost and benefits, browse the Internet, where many sites offer detailed information. Although, for the moment, these units are manufactured by only one company, the future of these models will undoubtedly offer new models of water-cooled domestic air conditioners.

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