Split System Home Air Conditioners

Split System Home Air Conditioners

A split system of residential air conditioners can be used in portable or permanent residential cooling units. A split system is a system whose components are divided into two parts: a part of the system located outside and a part located inside the house. Separate indoor and outdoor units are normally connected by pipes or hoses. So, what part of a shared air-conditioning system is outside the house? There are actually two components of the system located outside the house, the compressor and the condenser. The evaporator is part of the indoor unit that is part of the split system responsible for handling the air. In many homes, this unit is a forced air furnace. In many homes, this unit is used both as a domestic air conditioner and as a source of heat. When the process is reversed to produce hot air instead of cold air, the components change roles.

Split systems of domestic air conditioners are generally used in central air conditioning systems. Owners prefer this type of system because the noise generated by the air conditioning process takes place outside the house. These split systems are also perfect for purifying the air with the use of a filter. It is possible to buy filters capable of removing microscopic debris from the air. Unless the homeowner experiences a major breakdown with its split air conditioner system, their only concern is to ensure that the air ducts are well maintained and that the filter is replaced as needed.

For owners who want to test a shared home air-conditioning system, they may be able to purchase a portable system that can be permanently installed later. This would give the homeowner a trial period so to speak. If they like the performance of the split system, they have the opportunity to make a permanent form of air conditioning for their home.

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