Home Automation, Reaching Convenience and Safety at Home

Home Automation, Reaching Convenience and Safety at Home

Current technology offers many advances in home appliances, home appliances, electronic gadgets and technological equipment. This makes each task easier while some offer entertainment. Although you do not have computers or robots to do all the housework, from dressing to dinner preparation, home automation systems give people some idea of ​​what the future holds. Home automation systems give users the ability to control their home electronics wherever they are. Current technology can make everything possible, such as turning on your heater or air conditioner, your panoramic surveillance cameras in living rooms or recording your favorite TV shows from around the world.

Home automation systems work through its three components. It includes a connection center, structured cabling and a microprocessor resembling computer functions. Professional installers pass structured cabling throughout the home to multiple hubs in a connection center. The core of the home automation system (connection center) contains the microprocessor that connects it to a series of concentrators. The microprocessor allows homeowners to operate a variety of home electronics and appliances connected to the connection center via touch screens, wireless keypads and remote controls via the Internet, wherever you are.

Home automation systems offer many possibilities. In recent years, it can reach a speed of 100 mph running 24/24 and 7/7. The days seem shorter because the calendars are more and more loaded. Home automation systems eliminate the tedious tasks that occupy most of the time. It can simplify lives. Some examples can show you how much it is possible.

You are ready to go home after a day of work. Then you start to remember what happened all day. (1) 7:30 am, abandoned children at daycare / school (2) 7:45 am, stop at the gym (3) 9:00 am, work (4) at lunch time, clothes left at the cleaner ( 5) 13:00, 45-minute conference with the teacher (6) 5:00 pm, meet the children (7) 8:00 pm, dinner of the parents-in-law.

Now, visualize things before turning off your computer at the office, register in the home automation system, by clicking on an icon, you can turn on your air conditioner. With the security camera monitor, you can determine which tasks you have forgotten, such as starting the washing machine and the dishwasher. By another click on an icon, you can start it both.

While you are caught in the traffic, you can open your PDA (personal digital assistant) and at the touch of a button you can preheat your oven. On the way, you noticed that it is already dark and pressing another button, the porch lights automatically turn on. When approaching your neighborhood, you can use the wireless remote control. The home automation system will turn on the light in your garage and open your door, stop your security systems, start playing songs of your choice via the audio system and launch your pot for brewing coffee.

With your home automation system, your appliances and activities become less stressful because they make it easier to manage each task.

In addition, the home automation system can also perform security tasks. The security of home automation provides well-being and security at home, giving peace of mind to home and business owners. Basically, your home and business may seem busy, but in fact they are empty. This method is possible by setting a user timer on your TV and lights.

People can use wired or wireless security systems. The wireless receiver, controllers and transmitters add to the comfort of the wireless sensor. By using wireless receivers and transmitters, you can easily place sensors in or out of your way or in hard-to-reach areas without going through new wiring. In addition, wireless cameras could be incorporated to be more useful. Wireless security systems are easier to install and offer control flexibility.

Hardwired security is less expensive, but it can take a long time to install. It is necessary to be able to hide the wires through the walls to realize a careful installation. Hardwired systems can now be installed using new construction methods. It offers reliability compared to its wireless counterparts. However, wireless systems are gaining popularity as they reduce confusion and cabling operations.

Home automation, whether for simpler tasks or for security reasons, must be dissuasive, profitable and reliable.

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