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It's always a typical situation when you come home from work. The lights are out, the house is dark and it's cold, even indoors. For most people, this is a natural scene, but for those who are tired of the same and want to experience change, it is already possible.

With today's state-of-the-art technology, you are no longer forced to go home to a dark, cold place. All your lights, indoor or outdoor, turn on automatically when you arrive from work. Your home will welcome you at the right temperature, even your garage door will open for you. Impossible?

Today is very possible. Houses of the future, as many people prefer to call it, are now more affordable. Previously, when there were some suppliers of home automation devices, the prices of these cool devices are rather high. Only wealthy families can afford this luxury. But now it's not just luxury. In fact, the time will come when home automation will become a necessity.

Why should you automate your home? The three good reasons are convenience, security and savings.

Let's start with convenience. If you have an automated home, you can save a lot of effort and time. Your routine activities can be done automatically, such as watering plants / herbs, setting the thermostat, turning your lights on and off, and arming your security system at night. And on top of that, you can also have wonderful home theater moments by turning on your TV, DVDs and lights automatically. And this includes the automatic shutdown of the phone, the closing of the curtains, etc. This technology is made possible by a simple push of a button.

In terms of security, you can greatly benefit from an automated home. Even if you are on vacation or in your office, you will be alerted when something is wrong. If you sleep and there is a fire, you wake up. Or, when your ventilation system or gas is shut, the lights come on automatically to allow you to escape and the fire department is immediately notified.

If you have an automated fireplace, you can save a lot of energy. The house will support all lighting operations, HVAC system, water heater, irrigation systems, appliances, entertainment components and other appliances.

Are you convinced now that home automation can be beneficial for you and your family? Maybe you need some ideas to know where to start. Here are some great home automation ideas for you:

  • Pager system; if you have a family member who is hard of hearing, you can use this system; the person will be notified by a vibrating pager when someone opens your door or gate, or someone rings. This system can alert anyone within a mile radius

  • Connect your computers to the cable / DSL modem

  • Operate electronic devices in the home even when stored in cabinets or closets; some homeowners prefer to have their entertainment systems in stylish cupboards or cupboards and thanks to home automation, the entertainment system can be controlled using a remote control; the control crosses IR Eye and goes into your cupboards / cupboards

  • Install an intercom at your front door; you can use your existing phones at home

  • Activate the lighting controls of your home by simply speaking

  • Children will be protected if you have a door and pool alert system; this can detect unsupervised access to the pool or door; and this is especially useful if you have small children at home

  • Install a security camera with recording capabilities and triggered motion; this is for the safety of your family and your home

  • Have a door camera for your front door; when the bell rings, you have an unobstructed view of your visitor

  • Have wireless control of your UPB switches

These are just some of the great projects you can bring home. If you can not do all these things in one frame, you can do it one by one, as long as your budget allows it. Invest in home automation and you will get unlimited benefits from a home that will work for you.

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