Home automation via the serial port of your PC, control your home via your desktop

Home automation via the serial port of your PC, control your home via your desktop

Everyone wants to take control of their daily lives in order to spend the day smoothly. From the moment you wake up to sleep, you want everything to go the way you want. Only one small problem can ruin your day. Imagine when you are already in the parking lot of your office building, you suddenly forgot to activate the security system of your home or you suddenly forgot important presentation documents that must be submitted the same day. For this reason, your whole day will be a disaster.

That's why many people, especially those with larger homes and those who love work, are now considering having a home automation system installed at home. If you are a type of person who always tends to forget something, home automation can work for you. To return to the example of forgetting the activation of your home security system, you do not have to drive home if you have installed a home automation system. All you need to do is access your home automation system via the Internet and activate your home security system. Indeed, home automation can certainly make your daily life easier.

Another excellent example of a home automation system is that when you wake up, it will remind you of your presentation or important appointments and ask you not to forget your presentation documents. You simply need to enter the reminder on the home automation system and program it to remind you at a specific time and date.

Turning your alarm system on remotely and giving you reminders is not the only benefit of this type of system. You can also preprogram your system when turning lights on (or other electronic devices in your home). Imagine, as you come home from work, everything that happens inside your home is set up and prepares you for relaxation. The air conditioner is turned on and set to a comfortable level, your favorite music is on, the porch and garage lights are on, and the coffee maker is already brewing coffee. All of these are done while driving on the highway when you get home. By the time you arrive home, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite coffee.

However, a home automation system can be quite expensive. It can cost you thousands of dollars just to fully automate your home. That's why many people who can not afford state-of-the-art home automation systems are now considering an alternative. To do this, you can buy a device that you connect between your power outlets and your electronic device and that is connected via a serial port on your PC.

You will also need software to install on your PC that can communicate with the device. Of course, it can be interesting to have one of the state-of-the-art wireless control panels included in some home automation systems. However, this system can cost you thousands of dollars. Why get something that costs a lot of money while you can get the same results with your existing personal computer?

If you are the kind of person who is practical and also someone who does not have enough money but who wants a home automation system, your home PC will do the trick. The software you will install on your PC uses almost the same type of interface as most current home automation systems.

The only difference is that control panel-based home automation systems are designed to run the home automation system only, while the PC-based system is designed to be a cheaper alternative and runs different software.

So, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for home automation systems, getting a home automation system designed for a PC-based serial connection is one of the best ways to save money. This type of alternative can be as effective and cost less than what you will see in state-of-the-art home automation systems. So, get a PC-based home automation system and save a lot of money. There are now various devices widely available for home automation systems on PC.

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