Decked Out - Ten Things to Consider Before Building Your Outdoor Deck

Decked Out - Ten Things to Consider Before Building Your Outdoor Deck

Terraces are one of the nicest additions to a home. They add beauty, value and a serene getaway to the house that is unbeatable. Imagine sunbathing on your patio with the summer sun rays dancing on your lawn chair. Imagine getting together with friends, the steaming barbecue spreading its succulent smells on all your guests and admiring the neighbors. Imagine an evening of stars watching your children on the solid surface of your patio. Before imagining too much, however, think about the disastrous consequences of a poorly constructed outdoor structure. The media are full of stories that homeowners end up with permanent disability. If you are ready to build the exterior deck that fits your structure, you must start with ten points.

The first thing you need to think about is the purpose of your deck. Will it be used to regularly receive guests? If so, have you taken into account the number of guests you want the deck to contain? This should be one of your main considerations. More guests will equal more weight. It also means that you may need additional space for garden furniture, grilles and people. You may also want the bridge to be a playground for your little ones. If so, it means a whole host of other problems throughout the planning process. Whatever the purpose of your deck, it is best to think long before starting the process.

The next thing to consider is the location of your deck. If you have problems with landscaping and think about placing your terrace, you will have to face an additional task in the building process. You may also need to consider removing trees, as well as the entrances and exits of your home. Remember that you must have a way to access your deck, and if you want it in a place where you do not have an exit, you may need to add one to get the deck to the place wish.

The third thing to consider is your deck plan. This will serve as a guide for the entire project. It does not require a professional hand. it simply requires someone who can be thorough enough to cover all aspects involved.

You also need to consider how your patio will attach to your home. This can be done in different ways. It can be autonomous, but it's not always practical or safe. If it involves fixing at home, you have to decide how you are going to cut the coating at the junction point. You must also check on the framing of your house where you want your terrace to be laid. Is it strong enough?

The fifth thing you need to consider are the deck mounts as a whole. You need to decide exactly how many soles and poles you will need and where you want to place them. If you are planning a very large bridge, you need a lot of soles and poles. With a smaller bridge, you might not need as much

Another thing to note is the decking material that you plan to use. Do you want a deck of wood or composite? If wood, you should choose your variety. Redwood, cedar, and pressure treated pine are all popular because they resist rot and decay. If you choose another wooden deck material, you will need to consistently provide a protective and sealing material. Composite decking materials are a good choice because they have been designed chemically to avoid all the problems of traditional wood.

The seventh thing to consider is the permits needed to build your deck in your area. Different areas have different laws and zoning requirements. While some areas require a building permit, others require only periodic site inspections. Some require both. It is best to check with your city government to decide what to do to apply for a permit.

The eighth thing to consider is the tools needed for the project. Do you have everything you need on hand? How much additional expense will this add to the project? At the very least, you will need three different saws. If you do not have this kind of experience, you should look very carefully at the next point.

The ninth thing you need to think about is whether you will need professional help for this project. Decking is a great project to undertake if you are a handyman at the weekend. In addition, if you have very little experience in construction, decking is not a good first learning project. Badly built bridges are very dangerous, and if you can not handle the project, leave it to a professional.

The last thing to consider is the extras you may want to incorporate into your deck. You can add flower boxes to each corner. You may want a decorative handrail. You may want even built-in seats for your guests. Whatever extras you add, they will personalize your deck.

A platform can be a great place for many activities, but it's a huge undertaking.

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