Groovin 'tips: five essential points to consider before applying this grout

Groovin 'tips: five essential points to consider before applying this grout

When selecting a new tile, you do not want to forget the grout. It may sound like a banal decision, but the color and width of the grout will make all the difference in the appearance of your new floor. Before applying grout on your new tile, you must keep five essential points in mind.

1. Selection of the right color

Whatever the thickness of your grout, it will be visible and you will want to choose a shade of grout that will complement your tiles and your decor. You can get grout in all kinds of colors now. So you can try to match the color of your tile to blend more or you can choose a contrasting shade that will accentuate the spacing between each tile. Keep in mind that white and lighter grouting will indicate more dirt and stains than darker colors. The color of the grout may also change over time. You must take this into account when choosing a shade for your new floor.

2. Buy the appropriate tools

As with any home improvement project, it is important to have the right tools if you want to complete the project. You must buy a good quality grout to guarantee its resistance over time. You will need a grouting tool - a palette knife, spatula or trowel will reduce damage to the ground and you. Using these tools will also help you maintain the grout level. You do not want the grout to be too low or higher than the tile level. You will also need a sponge or cloth and a bucket to remove any excess.

3. Spacing

The spacing of tiles and grout is a delicate task, but you must be patient and take your time to make sure your tiles look uniform. You may want to take the time to arrange your tiles and ensure proper spacing before you even glue them. You will have to work a little faster once the cement has fallen. Therefore, such planning can save you a lot of stress and aggravation afterwards.

Once you have your tiles and you know their size, you will need to know how much grout you want to show. When it comes to laying your tile, you can buy spacers in your home improvement store or hardware store. This will help keep the tiles at a specific distance and ensure a uniform grout width all around the tiles.

You need to make sure your tiles are in the right place before grouting. The grout fills only the spaces between the tiles. Therefore, if you notice that the grout lines are irregular, this is due to the fact that the tiles are twisted and not the grout itself.

4. Sealant

To protect the grout, you must apply a sealer. This sealant will protect the grout from damage and stains. You can buy these sealants at your local store or at a specialty tile shop. The application of this putty may take some time, as you have to go through each grout line without putting any on the tile, but it will really help to protect your grout from all kinds of damage. Your grout will probably age faster than the tiles themselves. So you want to do everything in your power to protect your grout from the beginning.

5. interview

You must clean and maintain your grout just as you do the tile itself. In fact, you will probably need to pay more attention to grout because over time, it will accumulate dirt faster than the tile surface. If your grout is not perfectly level with your tiles, your mop may lose some of the dirt. Stains and cracks or grout holes can also mask dirt particles and bacteria. From time to time, you should carefully clean all grout lines to remove any dirt and hidden stains that may be missed during your normal cleaning. Over time, you may want to even apply more sealer because it can be worn out by heavy traffic and scouring.

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