Five directives for the purchase of a central air conditioning unit

Summer is fast approaching and your air conditioner just does not work as it has been. It just cools, if it does anything. You tried to clean it. You tried to rinse it. You have tried everything, including kicking and hitting with a mallet. The technician wants you to pay an arm and a leg and probably some other parts of the body to repair it. You are left with only one other choice. Spend all that money repairing a 20-year-old central air-conditioning unit, or spending about the same amount to buy a new, updated central air-conditioning unit. If you are spending money, why not take out a guarantee that, in theory, should last another 20 years? It seems like an easy decision.

When buying a new central air conditioning unit, you should keep in mind five guidelines that will help you stay on track and not waste your hard-earned money. These guidelines are just what they say are guidelines. These are not laws or rules that you must follow, but suggestions that are intended to guide you to the purchase of the central air conditioner that is right for you and your home.


There are many brands of central air conditioners available at any hardware store or home appliance store. Some sellers will try to sell you a window air conditioner. Do not let this salesman convince you to waste your money. These window air conditioners are a waste of money. In general, they only cool one room and consume a lot of energy. You will spend a lot more money each month on the electricity bill. Remember that if you have multiple rooms or a house, you want a central air unit. Do not let the sales associate induce you to do anything else.


Another detail to consider is the installation. Most people do not want to crawl under, over, around and through the walls of their home to install‌ a new air conditioner. That's why most places that sell these units also install them for you. Some places install them for free with the purchase of a new device. Even if they do not do it for free, you should call someone to install‌ your new unit professionally. This will save you time, headaches and sweating. If they do not offer installation, you can look elsewhere to buy your device. It is much easier and more profitable to do everything in one step.


Most new units come with a new thermostat. You must ensure that this thermostat can create the ideal temperature that suits you and your family. If you are comfortable in a 60 ° room, make sure the unit will cool to that temperature. You must also make sure that you can increase and decrease the temperature in increments of 1 ° or 2 ° in case you are uncomfortable.


There are many filters on the market today. Those who are permanent are the best value. Just remove them, water them and stick them again. They save you a lot of money each year, besides you do not need to know how much size you need. Do not forget to clean them once a month. Also make sure your device supports these filters.


You should also check if your new unit has a sleep setting or a power saving setting. This allows the device to work while you sleep or not at home and do not pay your bill. It will keep the house a little warmer when you're not home, then cool it before going home. This saves hundreds of dollars a year.

Keeping this in mind, finding the perfect unit will be child's play and could prove to be a fun shopping experience. Just ask the sales representative for more details if you need help. They may be more useful if these guidelines still make you guess.

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