Whirlpool in good health

The use of a hot tub for health reasons has been practiced for thousands of years. Called hydrotherapy, the Greeks and Romans used the healing power of water for a number of conditions. In Scandinavia, the spa has been an integral part of life for many years. Sports medicine has recognized the benefits of hydrotherapy for years and virtually every major sporting organization uses spas to help their athletes heal. Gathering natural relaxation agents from heat, water and air tones the body and gently wicks away aches and pains.

Immersion in hot water causes dilation of the blood vessels, which increases blood flow. This increase in blood flow affects the body in many ways. It increases the efficiency with which oxygen is transported to the brain, brings a soothing relaxation to the mind and increases the body's self-awareness. It increases the flow of oxygen to the organs, which allows them to work more efficiently, and increases blood flow to the muscles, thus contributing to their healing.

After only 5 minutes in a spa, the benefits of the spa begin to act on the body. Your blood pressure and pulse begin to drop, and your blood circulation improves in your hands and feet. After 12 minutes, your muscles begin to relax and become more sensitive to stretching, which facilitates the release of lactic acid and other toxins into the body. After 15 minutes, your minor pain will decrease and you will feel much better.

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