Luxury spa

Luxury spa

Do you remember the days when spas were a commodity that only the rich could afford? The spas sold today are different; you may still have all the benefits of a hot tub, but the entry-level prices offered today offer all the medicinal benefits of its upscale counterpart.

Take for example the number of jets installed in a spa. more jets equals more bubbles and more bubbles, whether it's a real physical benefit or not, it just makes you feel better!

Luxury spas can consist of molded lounge chairs with strategically placed jets, just in areas where you can feel pain or build up tension. Sitting in warm water, up to your neck, in a rest position, being massaged by perfectly positioned jets is nothing to prevent luxury at its best. In the same spa, seats can allow you to sit upright with pulsating jets at the neck and lower back. Another luxury option could be the jets coming directly from the bottom of the spa and massaging your feet.

Reflexology is the term used to believe that all the points of your feet and hands affect another part of your body. and also, when massaged on the hands and feet, will produce the relaxation effect to the designated area. Spa manufacturers have taken into account this slice of luxury when creating the seating and jet position of their spas.

The luxury of spas starts only with its jets; Nowadays, some models are equipped with frills, such as an automatic drip ice bucket, to keep the champagne bottle cool while you enjoy the water. There are molded cupholders for other seats designed for your spa, to meet the needs of anyone who likes to spend time with you.

I must mention two caveats when I advocate luxury above; it's not a good idea to consume alcoholic beverages while soaking in a hot tub, in fact, it's a very dangerous idea because the benefit of a hot tub on your body allows your blood to circulate more and if you consume alcohol, this will have a faster effect and maybe a little too much. Whenever a drink is served in a hot tub, make sure it is not in a glass container but in plastic. This will ensure that your guests and yourself will be protected from broken glass in the spa. The only way to fix broken glass in your spa is to empty it completely and clean it.

Luxury in a spa can even be lighting that can be custom designed; there are waterfalls and hot tubs that allow aromatherapy. Overall, it does not matter what you pay for a hot tub and whether or not you have all the bells and whistles; by having just one, you will enjoy luxury every time you enter its warm and healing waters.

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