Spa maintenance

Spa maintenance

Owning a spa is much more fun when it is maintained and cleaned properly; where everything you see while looking in his water is your clear reflection. There are steps to be taken that are not too difficult and which, if followed, will keep your spa in good working order for many years.

One of the first tips to offer is to have everything you need to keep your spa well maintained and healthy. Sometimes you need to add chemicals or shock the water, but if you're not stocked, you may not be able to go to a dealership, and you'll have to go without soaking bath in the bathtub.

The starter kits come with a new spa to get you started as soon as the water is warm and warmed up. These kits will contain chlorine or bromine, in the form of tablets or granules, a pH balancer and an antifoam agent. These kits will help you get your spa up and running, but you will need to do more to care for it.

Thinking of a "shock treatment" by describing its integration into a spa may seem counterproductive and even dangerous, but rest assured, if you have a spa, a shock treatment is essential. No matter how diligent you are with cleaning your spa, everyone is a little confused from time to time, and when your cleaning program is a bit off, the result is an accumulation of organic matter in the water. . When you experience the effects of material build-up, you'll be grateful to have one or two shock treatments on hand, as adding them will usually solve all the problems immediately. Again, I insist on having one or two at hand at all times, so you do not have to wait for a moment of relaxation in the hot tub, because you have to go to the store for shock treatment products.

One of the most important qualities for having a good time in the spa is to make sure that the quality of your water is always as clear as possible. There are foaming agents and chemical anti-limescale treatments that can be added to your spa with regular maintenance to keep the water crystal clear. If you can add this chemical as a normal spa maintenance feature, you'll enjoy crystal clear water and you'll always be one step ahead of the calcium build-up in the limestone water that can make it even cloudy. the purest water.

Finally, when referring to spa maintenance to promote clear, healthy water, often clean the filter cartridge, even if you are just removing the cartridge and watering it with a garden hose; By doing this you will reduce the maintenance required to run an effective spa. The spa maintenance would not be complete without some understanding of the need to empty it completely every three or four months.

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